Clutch vol.1

Womb Tokyo

Saturday, August 14, 2021 11:00 PM


Event Details

確かな実力を持った新たな才能をフロアに届けることを目的に、ニューパーティー Clutch が始動!
初回は、今や東京を代表するモンスタークルーに成長した CYK より Nari が登場。大阪を拠点に着実なリリースと世界観を持ったプレイを各地で繰り広げる SEKITOVA 、唯一無二なリリースを重ねるレーベル”Set Fire To Me”のオーナー・Torei、札幌 PRECIOUS HALL で腕を磨き現在は都内で活動する Tomoki の4名が出演。

また、4F ではミニマルを軸としたスピンオフパーティー LIFE IS GOOD が同時開催される。
東京、京都、横浜と活動拠点は違えど互いのパーティーを行き来しコミュニケーションを培ってきた Atsuki、Toshiki、Karuta、Tsubasa Shimada によるフロア。
一昨年の晩冬、とある銭湯にて都内クラブでの開催を企画したが、これまで実現に至らなかったスピンオフ・パーティー LIFE IS GOOD。
ミニマルなサウンドを通過した四者の一貫したグルーヴは、銭湯のバイブラ湯の如く絶妙な温度感で VIP FLOOR を沸かすだろう。

Clutch, a new party, will be launched with the aim of bringing new talent with solid skills to the floor!
For the first show, Nari from CYK, a crew that has grown to become one of Tokyo's most popular monster crews, joins us! SEKITOVA who is based in Osaka and has been steadily releasing music and playing with a world view at various venues, Torei, the owner of the label "Set Fire To Me" which has been releasing unique music, Tomoki who honed his skills at PRECIOUS HALL in Sapporo and now based in Tokyo, will perform as well.

On the 4th floor, a spin-off party, LIFE IS GOOD, will be held with a focus on minimal music.
Atsuki, Toshiki, Karuta, and Tsubasa Shimada, who have been communicating with each other at parties in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Yokohama despite their different bases of operation, will take the floor.
In the late winter of the year before last, they planned to hold a spin-off party at a public bath(Sento) and a club in Tokyo, but they could not make it happen until now.
The consistent grooves of the four DJs that have passed through the minimalist sound will bring the VIP LOUNGE to a boil with an exquisite sense of temperature, just like the bubble bath of Sento.


2-16 Maruyamacho Shibuya
Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0044
Japan (Directions)