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Music Of Many Colours

Contact Tokyo

Saturday, July 3, 2021 2:00 PM

Open Format

Event Details

DJとダンサー、ハウス・ミュージックを中心に個々の表現が混ざり刺激し合うパーティ、Music Of Many Colours。第12回目開催は、大阪のアンダーグラウンド・ハウス・シーンを牽引するK-KatsuをメインゲストDJに招聘。ダンサーにはスモーキーで混沌とした世界観の中に確固たる表現の軸をもつCigarMonkDistortをはじめ、今回も個性豊かなラインナップでお届けする。Foyer含む3つのルームで幅広い経歴のローカルDJ / ダンサーが共演し、世代ごとの隙間が音楽で繋がることで、柔軟に刺激し合い、それぞれの持つ異なる色がより光を放つ。漆黒のダンスフロアを持つContactだからこそ可能にする、色彩豊かな空間に足を踏み入れ、観るよりも体感し、自身の枠の外へ扉をひらいてほしい。

Music Of Many Colours, the party that focuses on House Music where DJs and dancers bring out their individual expressions to stimulate one another. The 12th installment features K-Katsu, a leading figure in Osaka’s underground House Music scene, as the main guest DJ. CigarMonkDistort, a duo with smoky and chaotic sensibilities yet keeping a solid ground to express themselves, will be joined by a colourful lineup of dancers. The 3 rooms, including Foyer, will be filled with local DJs and dancers with broad backgrounds, bridging generation gaps, emitting light of their own individual colours and uniting as one through music. It is because of the jet-black dance floor that Contact has, we are able to create a colourful space for you to step into. Open the door to a world outside your frame and feel the experience rather than seeing it.

Open 2PM - Close 8PM
¥1000 Under 23
¥1000 Before 11PM
¥1500 GH G Members
¥2000 GH S Members
¥2500 FB Discount
¥3000 Door


2 Chome-10-12 D?genzaka
Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0043
Japan (Directions)