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Asteria Festival Tampa

Sunday, July 4, 2021 11:00 AM


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Asteria Arts & Music Festival is going into its fourth year at a brand new location! With over 800 acres between Tampa and Ft. Myers, Asteria 2021 will be bigger than ever. Complete with 4 brand new fully shaded camping areas, 3 new curated stages, swimming holes, VIP areas and more, this year’s festivities will be the most immersive yet.

With the new venue comes an expanded musical line-up that will give attendees the chance to see not only bigger acts, but more artists. This will include over 75 local talents on top of label takeovers and international creatives that will be hosted throughout our 3 stages and 3 soundcamps.

Visual production has been key to giving attendees an all-encompassing experience and this year Asteria has partnered with Dark Moon Designs who have previously worked with such festivals as Electric Forest, Shambhala and Elements. Together we will turn the festival grounds into an out of this world oasis.

Music is not the only thing Asteria has to offer as the festival will include a whole array of artists, performers and vendors. Various workshops will be available for those looking to educate themselves on a multitude of topics or simply have some extra fun.

Lastly, Asteria is taking its camping to the next level. There will be 4 fully shaded camping areas, car and RV camping, a VIP glamping lounge and a standard glamping.

Art & Deco Team: DarkMoon Design


- Friday, Early Arrival/Equipment Drop-Off: 12PM - 12AM
- Saturday, Entry Times: 10AM - 10PM
- Sunday, Entry Times: 10AM - 10PM
- Monday, Departure: 11AM

Prohibited Items:
Guests under the age of 18, ANY Non-factory Sealed Beverages or Liquid Filled Containers, Glass of any kind, Generators, Weapons, Items that could be used as a Weapon, or Harmful Objects, Fireworks or Explosives of any kind, Illegal Substances, Compressed Gas Cylinders, Whip Cream Containers, Scooters, Personal Motorized Vehicles or Pets. Underage drinking or contributing to minors will not be tolerated. A small stove or grill is allowed, no full size propane tanks allowed. NO OPEN FLAMES OF ANY KIND.

Please Note:
Asteria Arts & Music Festival has a zero-tolerance policy for sexual assault and harassment of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to, intimidation, non-consensual photography or recording, stalking, physical assault or battery, rape, repeated disruption of festival events, unwelcome attention or physical contact, bathroom policing, and offensive language used as a method of violence directed at any individual due to, but not limited to, their sexual orientation, race, religion, appearance or physical attributes, disability, citizenship or nationality, gender, gender identity, gender presentation, or age.AAMF will take immediate action against those creating an unsafe space for attendees. This policy applies to everyone at AAMF, including musicians, speakers, press, staff, volunteers, security, and patrons.Watch out for each other! If you see someone grab, touch, or talk to someone inappropriately, find a AAMF staff member, volunteer or security team member to report it to.

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Asteria Festival

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