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- Endeavor Family 17th Anniversary -  New Year Golden 《Postponement》

Contact Tokyo

Friday, January 8, 2021 10:00 PM

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1/8(金)に予定していたNEW YEAR GOLDENは緊急事態宣言の発令を受け、開催を延期することとなりました。振替公演の日程は現在調整中です。

《Notice of postponement》
Due to the state of emergency, the event NEW YEAR GOLDEN scheduled on 1/8 (Fri.) will be postponed. We are currently working to reschedule the date.
We sincerely apologize to all the people that were looking forward to the event, but we ask you for your understanding in this matter.

『GOLDENシリーズが還ってくる! 』

渋谷Contactにて年の暮れといえば恒例のYear End Party 『SUNNY GOLDEN』。今回は2021年の幕開けと共に『NEW YEAR GOLDEN』として1月8日金曜日に開催される。
記憶に新しい、前回2019年末のSUNNY GOLDENは主宰者DMC世界チャンプのDJ KENTAROはもちろん、アサラトの名手HIFANA、Shing02、4万5000人の集客を甲子園球場で記録したMAN WITH A MISSIONより、DJ SantamonicaがDJ Shotaとのユニットで登場、VJには我らがKIMGYMと大盛況で幕を閉じた。
今回、新年にもってこいなラインナップ、我らがキャプテンDJ KENTARO、HIFANAよりKEIZOmachine!とJUICYがそれぞれ個別DJセット、KILLER-BONG、DJ BAKU、DJ SHOTA。Contactフロアは、TYO GQOMプロデュースフロアが週末のContactに初登場。DIANA CHIAKI、GQOMZILLA、mitokon、Hiro “BINGO” Watanabe等、盛りだくさんの演者勢でお届けする。

「GOLDEN series returns!」

『SUNNY GOLDEN』has become an annual Year End Party at Contact.  This time, we present you with『NEW YEAR GOLDEN』on January 8th, Friday.
The 2019 edition with SUNNY GOLDEN’s organizer and World Champ DJ KENTARO, asalato expert HIFANA, Shing02, MAN WITH A MISSION who brought in crowd of 45,000 people at the Koshien Stadium, DJ Santamonica’s unit with DJ Shota, and VJ KIMGYM was a huge success.  
This edition, they return with yet another great lineup.  Our captain DJ KENTARO, KEIZOmachine! and JUICY (performing in Foyer floor) from HIFANA performing separate DJ sets, KILLER-BONG, DJ BAKU, and DJ SHOTA will be featured in Studio X.
TYO GQOM takes charge in producing the Contact floor for their first weekend installment at Contact with DIANA CHIAKI, a live set by GQOMZILLA, mitokon, Hiro “BINGO” Watanabe, and many more for this occasion.  
We’ll be waiting for you at Contact on January 8th, Friday!

Open 10PM
¥1000 Under 23
¥1000 Before 11PM
¥1500 GH G Members
¥2000 Advance
¥2000 GH S Members
¥2500 FB Discount
¥3000 Door


2 Chome-10-12 D?genzaka
Tokyo, TYO 150-0043
Japan (Directions)