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Bump_ Halloween Party

Womb Tokyo

Saturday, October 31, 2020 11:00 PM



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最高な音と人との出会いを求め世界中の PARTY やフェスを旅する 『 Bump_ 』。
そんな NEXT LEVEL の本物の PARTY が、2020年 10月31日 東京 WOMB 全フロアを使ってハロウィンを迎えます。

Wandering the world from party to festival in search of the ultimate sound and encounters with people, "Bump_".The NEXT LEVEL PARTY will be held on October 31st of Halloween night at WOMB Tokyo.

今年の2月には誰もが一度は訪れたいと願う砂漠のフェスティバル『バーニングマン』でも一番人気のある MAYA WARRIOR との素晴らしいコラボレーション。コロナ渦中は、Private party から Rooftop party に旅立ち、そして最後は After party の開催を経て、10月31日、Bump_ は Halloween Party へと向かいます。

毎回、参加してくれる全ての方を魅了しながら成長を遂げた Bump_ の記念すべき初 Halloween は、今もっとも旬な日本人勢 DJ's!!!
1階は7日間アメリカ・ネバダ砂漠を走る折り紙デザインの大型アートカーを製作するため、2020年に国内外のアーティスト/クラフトマンたちによって結成されたアートチーム。Asura sound system として Djやミュージシャンも所属している。Trans dimensional art を標榜しバーチャル空間でも活動。
4階は TOKYO のシーンを賑わす精鋭揃いのテクノ&ハウスフロアに、2階はハウスを中心とした Bump_ set に Deco 密林東京と Art Sante Visioni と共に一夜限りの Special night。
全フロア VISUAL 的にも、音的にも、そして PARTY の真髄『楽しさ』満載のフルラインナップ。
是非是非、PARTY を心から愛する Bump_ に、大集合をお願いいたします!!!


They had an amazing collaboration with MAYAN WARRIOR back in February—the number one attraction at the desert festival that everybody wants to visit at least once, "Burning Man". Amid the COVID-19 crisis, they traveled from private party to rooftop party, and had an after party at the end. Now, Bump_ is en route to the Halloween Party on October 31st.

Bump_ just keeps on growing and beguiling everyone that attends, their first Halloween party will have the hottest local DJs!!!First floor lounge will have the art team formed by both domestic and international artists/craftsman to create large size Origami art car. Some DJs and musicians are part of the team as well as Asura sound system. They advocate Trans dimensional art and are active in the virtual space.
4th floor will be techno/house floor with the best DJs in the scene, 2nd floor will be Bump_ style house floor with decorations and art by Mitsurin Tokyo and Sante Visioni. It will be a special night for one night only.All floors will be a VISUAL and AUDIO feast, with a lineup that's fully loaded with that boisterous PARTY spirit.
Let's all get together and have a great time at PARTY lovin' Bump_!!!


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② Please wear a mask and observe coughing etiquette.
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If you start feeling sick at the venue, please inform our staff immediately.
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⑤Please maintain social distance.

【Our Health and Safety Protocols】
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・We put up posters of instructions to prevent infectious disease for customers.
・We practice social distance and install plastic shields at bars to prevent droplet infection.


2-16 Maruyamacho Shibuya
Tokyo, TYO 150-0044
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