Bi-Lesque: Under Our Umbrella

The Pourhouse Minneapolis

Saturday, January 25, 2020 7:00 PM

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Looking for an opportunity to meet, build community, and celebrate bi+ identities?

We’re back at it ready to throw a fabulous party in the new year! This will be the fourth Bi-Lesque where we fundraise for one of the largest bisexual non-profits in the nation, Bisexual Organizing Project-BOP. The event will feature a variety of phenomenal bi+ performers and entertainers in the name of bi-visibility! We believe featuring inclusive art that represents our non-monosexual community is an effective way to battle bi-erasure and bi-phobia. By celebrating individuals within the bi+ umbrella in a joyous and entertaining light, who wouldn't want to jump on the equality train to take down the hierarchy?

For a night of entertaining activism join us, #BOP, and your local #Bicommunity at The Pourhouse at 7pm on January 26th for an evening of variety performances including burlesque, aerial, pole, and more!

Show is open to everyone 18 years and older.

Performers in the show have non-monosexual (bi+) identities and are all supportive of the bi identity if they do not identify as a bisexual.

**The Pourhouse Downtown Minneapolis is wheelchair accessible.**

Instagram: @bilesque
Facebook: Bi-Lesque

Starring: TBD

Application fee: $10 (all proceeds go to Bisexual Organizing Project. If you are not applying to perform but are submitting interest in volunteering, the application fee is waived.)
*Deadline is midnight on Sunday,12/8!

Bisexual Organizing Project-BOP Board Member Crew: TBD

Admission: TBD
Bring tips!

VIP seats: TBD

Ticket Link: TBD

No Non-Monosexual or Ally Turned Away: If you are unable to afford the ticket prices but would like to attend, please reach out to for sliding scale prices.

Sponsors: TBD

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The Pourhouse

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