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DNA Lounge San Francisco

Tuesday, October 29, 2019 8:00 PM

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U.K. anarchist punk collective Subhumans formed in 1980. The band enjoyed success as one of the more literate and musically athletic British punk ensembles between 1980 and 1985, occupying the middle ground between the Clash's political songcraft and Crass' experimental warfare. Through five full-length records on their own BLUURG label and six EPs (not to mention a bevy of DIY cassettes), the band challenged both the government and its people to not only rage against the world, but to improve it.

Neighborhood Brats were formed in 2010 by Jenny Angelillo and George Rager, aiming to be the ultimate SF party band. Initial efforts, as Angelillo describes, were about getting roofied at the Beauty Bar, a guy stabbing people on BART, crazy people in Golden Gate Park, sharks, zombie sharks, sharks eating pizza, and buying coke in Post-It notes.

Live shows are an experience. Petite, fit and articulate, Angelillo looks like a Montessori mom's adorable babysitter, save for her tattoos. On stage, she radiates the approximate energy level of a fighter jet, and ricochets between laser-focused crowd riling and frenzied flashes of apparent self-exorcism.

Plot 66 is a wave-noir, zombie pop punk band based out of San Francisco's legendary East Bay. Its members are upstanding and honorable members of the punk community, including Faith Gardner on guitar, vocals (Hooray for Everything, Dark Beach), Kamala Parks on drums (Kamala and the Karnivores, Cringer, Naked Aggression, the Gr'ups, and co-founder of 924 Gilman) and Matt Peterson on keyboards (Hooray for Everything). Plot 66 gets tremendous mileage with its catchy songwriting, erudite lyrics, and driving musical force. Some liken the band's sound to The Cure's early years, with some Stereolab / Devo sprinkles coupled with momentum of the Lunachicks.

DNA Lounge

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