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Wisdome Los Angeles

Sunday, September 1, 2019 5:00 PM


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Event Details

A sound healing experience followed by a dance party to awaken your highest potential at the futuristic one of a kind art park Wisdome LA.

Join us for a special Labor Day Weekend edition of ETHERICA with a DANCE PARTY where you can go on a journey of healing sounds with live music that will elevate you and then dance to the high vibe beats curated by our in house DJ. All of this at the futuristic one of a kind art park Wisdome LA.

This event will kick off with a magical and cosmic sound healing and visual journey to awaken your highest potential.

5:00- 7:00 pm | PART 1: ETHERICA

Relax, Heal and Elevate in this unique experience with cosmic sounds, live music, breathwork and stunning visuals


A unique sound healing journey with live mantra performance, talented musicians, sacred instruments, breathwork, energy healing, intention setting meditation, body movement and 360 dome projections to relax and recharge yourself.

One of a kind

Sound bath

Live Mantra

Sacred 432 HZ Healing Instruments

Unique Instruments

Stunning Visuals

Breath work

Body Movement


Relax Recharge Renew

A unique sound healing journey with live mantra performance, sacred instruments, breath work, energy healing, intention setting meditation, body movement and 360 stunning visuals to relax and recharge yourself.

Join us on this special journey to access higher planes of consciousness with 432 HZ healing frequencies, live mantra performance, breath work, energy healing, body movement, and 360 visual projections. We have talented eclectic musicians and sound healers to create a one of a kind experience.

This experience will alleviate stress and anxiety, clear your mind and heal your emotions. You will clean the subconscious mind from old patterns so you can unlock your highest potential, start living fully in your life purpose and create the life of your dreams.

What makes this journey unique is the powerful synergy of all musicians and healers. Ava is a singer and healer, who works with sound and energy as well as a channel for high vibrational energies that allow for rapid transformation and elevation of consciousness. Special guest musicians and sound and energy healers are carefully curated to join each event and share their one of a kind gifts and energy. Various instruments such as viola, electric guitar, bass will add extra layers to the traditional sound healing ensemble of alchemy crystal bowls, gongs and more. The live mantra performance will invoke altered states of consciousness and channel the infinite potential of spirit. High vibration sound frequencies will increase well being, promote relaxation and a feeling of happiness. New energy downloads and light codes transmission will facilitate healing on a deep cellular level.

7:00-9:00 pm | PART 2: DANCE PARTY

Then we will transition into a conscious dance party into the dome- high vibe dance music will blast through the sound system as the visuals will take you on a journey along with the sound.

Dance is medicine for the body and soul- connect to yourself and become free by allowing the music to move through you. Liberate your spirit and connect to soul brothers and sisters in the galactic spiritual tribe.

This experience will nourish your spirit. Music is carefully curated to heal and awaken your senses.

This is a gathering of soul tribe celebrating and elevating together, through music and sound.

You can dance, mingle, check out the vendors outside or just hang out in this futuristic, one of a kind space.

Early registration is encouraged due to limited space. With ticket purchase you gain FREE access to the Samskara exhibition at all the other domes at Wisdome LA.

About the facilitators:

Ava Milva - founder of ETHERICA

Ava is a singer, sound and energy healer, musician, music producer and kundalini yoga teacher whose life purpose is to heal, uplift and elevate through the power of sound and energy healing. Ava has a passion for helping people unlock their highest potential and best life through her work. Bulgarian born from a lineage of healers, Ava uses various modalities including the healing power of the voice, playing ancient sacred instruments, energy healing, intuitive guidance, kundalini activation, breathwork and meditation in order to activate higher states of consciousness and allow for rapid growth and transformation.

Asa Anderson- musician and singer

Asa is a graduate of the Flora L. Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California. A muliti-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer, he’s played Sundance Film Festival, and iconic venues in Los Angeles such as the Troubadour, El Rey Theater and Hotel Cafe. Asa’s music has appeared in shows on NBC, The Hallmark Channel, ABC and MTV.

Georgi Slavchev- piano

“A truly international pianist”, “fascinatingly versatile”, “among the piano elite” – these are some of the ways in which the press has extolled the musicianship of Georgi Slavchev. Furthermore, “he doesn't ‘only’ play the piano; he simultaneously identifies with the music, breathes life into the compositions, and makes them an experience for the listener in an impressive manner”.

Winner of numerous national, international and concerto piano competitions, Dr. Slavchev has performed at the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall and been a soloist with orchestras in Europe, Asia and the United States. Born into a family of concert pianists, Georgi’s musical guidance has come from some of the most respected musicians in the world today. He was conferred degrees with honors from Idyllwild Arts Academy, Rice University, the Cleveland Institute of Music, and the University of Southern California.

Living in Los Angeles, Georgi composes music for the concert stage and moving pictures, using conventional acoustic instruments as well as the latest innovations in the electro-acoustic medium. He is the composer of the city anthem of his native Plovdiv, Bulgaria, which is the oldest continuously inhabited town in Europe. He also actively performs his own piano compositions.


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