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Sound of Light: Pranayama | Chakra Aligning | Gong Meditation

Wisdome Los Angeles

Thursday, August 29, 2019 6:00 PM


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Live a mystical sonic and visual journey, that will help you tune in, heal, experience Oneness and hear the heartbeat of the Universe.

This is a one of a kind transformative experience that will help you tune in to your higher Self, commune with the Divine, discover the secrets that your inner worlds have available for you and hear the beat of the Universe.


7:00-7:20 light stretching and pranayama

7:20-7:50 singing bowls chakra aligning

7:50-8:40 celestial gong healing

8:40 - 9:00 closing meditation and group chant

Be on Time!

Sound Healing is so effective because it influences our emotional bodies as well as our physical bodies. Different sound vibrations interact with our physical and energetic bodies in beneficial ways:

Activates Higher States of Consciousness

Unlocks Blocked Emotions

Relieves Anxiety and Stress

Induces Complete Relaxation

Promotes Deep Meditation

Heightens Clarity

Improves Ability to Concentrate

Relieves Insomnia

Decreases Depression

Normalizes Blood Pressure

Relieves Physical Pain

Release Emotional Trauma

We will begin with a yogic pranayama warm up (breathwork and light exercise -approximately 20 min) that will open up the spine and calm the mind. Then, with the help of crystal singing bowls, we will transition into chakra aligning (30 min.). The bowls are tuned at 432Hz - the natural resonance that harmonizes with the Earth’s heartbeat, cosmos, water, nature and ourselves. Individually each bowl produces an ethereal sound that activates the chakras, seven main energy centers in our body, and brings them into alignment. The carefully selected 360 degree projections that correspond to the chakras will enhance your experience and help you visualize the chakras. Now that we are open to receive, we will dive even deeper.

3 gongs will take us on a surround sound mystical journey. You will be profoundly moved by 2 Planetary gongs, Pluto Gong, which resonates with Pluto, the farthest planet from Earth that holds generations of energy, Mars gong ( tuned to orbital properties of Mars, helps with strengthened will and focused energy to move through life here and beyond) and a Chao gong (adds depth and induces a sense of victory). Mysterious in sound, planet gongs resonate harmonically with the cycles of the cosmos, communicating to us what has been known since antiquity as the “music of the spheres”. Listeners can experience the energy of these celestial bodies via the vibrations these gongs create. If you ever wondered what the roar of Aum sounds like, the gongs will show you! The only other way to experience this is to go on a trip into outer space.

Our transitions will have short periods of silence, which is often overlooked, but as the saying goes, Silence is Golden, and it’s in these moments of pure stillness that the actual transformation and healing occurs.

We will return to our bodies and close out with a silent meditation ( peace, love, gratitude) and a group chant. (20 min).

Give your soul a gift!

What to bring ~

This is a laying down experience; be sure to bring a yoga mat, a pillow, blankets and anything that will make you comfy.

Offered by: The Healing Melody - Julia and Harisant

Harisant began playing the gong as a kundalini yoga and meditation teacher in 1995. The sound he creates is musical and mystical. Playing from the soft and subtle to penetrating intensity, weaving the multitude of cosmic sounds and harmonics that create a deep experience of transformational healing.

Julia is a musician, working in the genre of World Music. She performs around US and Europe (London, Paris, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles) and her songs have been featured on BBC, NPR, WFMU, KLAX and other stations. Her music has been described as cathartic, profound and therapeutic.

Energy Exchange: $30 in advance, $40 day of, $50 VIP reclining sofas

Doors open 6-9pm .

Sound Bath 7-9pm.

Arrive early to discover the Samskara Exhibition - the Journey of the Soul. We look forward to seeing you, sharing good vibes and becoming a part of our growing community!

Free street parking.


1147 Palmetto St
Los Angeles, CA 90013
United States (Directions)