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B.O.T presents: Stavroz, Kerala Dust, Crussen, Persian Empire

Village Underground London

Saturday, June 8, 2019 9:00 PM



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▮ Stavroz (LIVE w. Band) (Moodfamily, Belgium)

▮ Kerala Dust (LIVE w. Band) (Ouïe / Laut & Luise, London)

▮ Crussen (Underyourskin, Oslo)

▮ Persian Empire (LIVE) (Prrrrrrr Records, Ger)

▮ Kakes b2b Dan Calabrese (B.o.T, London)

B.o.T X La Danse presents to you a very special event for a beautiful cause.

We believe music has the power to bring about change and we want to use it in support of a meaningful cause

ALL proceeds from this event will go to education charities in Palestine, Lebanon, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The selected charities:

And more details to follow soon

B.o.T is a collective based in London which was born from the idea of two friends (Dan Calabrese & Kakes). They combine analogue elements with the digital world to create blending deep bass, earth percussions, and instrumentation that traverse cultures, floating on down tempo and deep house.

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Stavroz Bio

Stavroz was formed in 2011 by IJsbrand & Gert, both dj’s, musicians and sound engineers looking for a way to channel their musical antics. Soon thereafter, Maxim & Pieter joined on live shows and in the studio. Their first EP release “The Ginning” was picked up on international blogs, resulting the highest position on the Hype Machine and was chosen vinyl of the month by the German ‘Faze Magazine’. Back home in Belgium, they were awarded second best breakthrough artist, coming in just after Oscar & The Wolf.
Known for injecting an overall ethnic, acoustic and organic vibe to electronic music, these four friends pocketed releases for Kindisch, Laut & Luise, Delicieuse, Bedrock and their own label ‘Moodfamily’ in Ghent. Their intimate live set and unique dj sets were quickly picked up, sending them on regular trips abroad. Only to return home for some fifa and their weekly show on Belgian National alternative radio ‘Studio Brussel’ where they display an uncanny ability to combine the old with the new and the East with the West.
Their acclaimed release “Talabout” brings you where no one ever goes to, a destination unreachable by common means, but a place blurring the lines between having a dream and a state of mind. Recently, Stavroz came back with their new realization “Gold Town” EP combining influences, sounds and experiences from east and west. They translated their stories to a new EP, oozing with drama, melancholy and determination.
Stavroz manage to create a wholesome, comforting soundtrack for a place, which no words can describe. Take a rest, lay down, close your eyes and listen to a story told in an orchestral fashion, with such profession and ear for details. Stavroz is something different.

Kerala Dust Bio

Kerala Dust seeks to bridge that divide between electronic music and traditional songwriting, drawing on influences as far and wide as TomWaits, Talking Heads and Abdulla Rashim.
Currently based in South London, the strange and excessive confusion of the city is reflected back in the anonymity of Kerala Dust’s basement studio. Whether as a solo artist in production or as a live trio in performance: the members within the inclusive isolation of this project would like you to dance while also wondering if there’s really a point to anything. The realization that there is no point will merely be liberating.

Crussen Bio

On an icy cold but sunny bright February morning, Robbin was born in the southern town Ystad, Sweden. Running around doing flips and cartwheels was combined with playing the French horn in an orchestra and drumming in a hardcore punk band. After music high school Crussen was away from it for a few years until he picked it up again when having moved to Oslo, Norway in 2005. Producing became daily activity two years of sound design studies in Oslo lead to a bachelor in Popular Music and Record Production in Southampton, UK. This was followed by a master’s degree in the same field at Kingston University, London. Now you can find his music on labels as Clubstar, The Magic Movement, Underyourskin Records, Musicpark Records, Coyote Cuts and many more..

Persian Empire Bio

Listening to Persian Empires Music will send you on a surprising trip: freshly layered sounds, changing rhythms and atmospheres you didn't expect to be experiencing in the first place. His roots can be found in 2step/bass music but his tracks are so much more than that. Inspired by music of different genres from jazz to Iranian folk music, (and of course drummers from all eras) he always reaches out to surprise his audience by challenging himself combining these differences in his unique way.
So Founding his own label Prrrrrrr-Records in 2015 was just the obvious next step for the 23 year old persian who already was a reviewed international producer. Finding new talents and supporting them worldwide in their outreach has been a challenge and pleasure for him since.
Persian Empire combines sentimental-heartbreaking synth sounds with unique and musically highly challenging drum sets and finds himself to be one of the very special new music talents in Germany. Playing live has always been part of Persian Empires daily musical routines. His setup combines 2 loop machines (kaoss pad 3) coupled with one beatmachine (SP-555) and his Synth (Nord Lead). His live-peformance are known to be one of a kind. Every set is improvised, deconstructing his own samples vigorously , (yet) smooth and most importantly; vibrant. Seeing him actually playing live in concerts is moving everybody involded as every sound and every beat is created on the spot. organic electronic live music as only a few other electronic musician can bring to live at this time.

Village Underground

54 Holywell Ln
London, England EC2A 3PQ
United Kingdom (Directions)