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Sequence: Kill Paris

DNA Lounge San Francisco

Thursday, August 8, 2019 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM

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Kill Paris (aka Cory Baker) was born in Indiana but eventually found his way to EDM hot spot Denver. The self-proclaimed Future Funk DJ is known for unique, dreamy productions that blend immediately listenable beats with heavier sounds and a pinch of wellness/spiritualism. When your press photos all feature a beautiful keytar, sounds that allude to another time (or another world, perhaps) are more than okay. MIDI, the best invention of the 80s, is prominent on the new Kill Paris release Galaxies Within Us. But wait, it gets cooler - this isn't just any ol' instrument run through MIDI to make some neat sounds, this record uses biosignals from plants. Each plant gives off an electrical signal, which is run through MIDI (using a program called MIDI Sprout), which makes a unique sound, which Kill Paris has woven together to give even the most casual of EDM fans an otherworldly experience. The record can spark some profound thinking. Throughout his career, Kill Paris has used his musical creations to search for deeper meanings and encourage listeners to take part in their own search. But don't worry - KP will also light up the dancefloor (if you're lucky that keytar will make an appearance).

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Kill Paris

“Corey Baker, better known as Kill Paris, was born in a small town in Indiana, USA. His musical journey outside of touring has taken him from Indiana, to Florida, Nashville, Los Angeles, and now currently Colorado. Starting out playing guitar at age 15, Corey’s musical background has always revolved around instruments. From guitar, Corey began learning piano, bass, and drums through his teen years. After college in Tampa, Florida, Corey set off to Nashville where he would experience an entirely... View More

DNA Lounge

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