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1LUV Proudly Presents ~ Sven Lochenhoer | Dirtybird

Monkey Loft Seattle

Friday, November 30, 2018 10:00 PM


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1LV Proudly Presents a special installment of PEOPLE! !


HEY PEOPLE!! We will be spreading BIG LV as always and look forward to a night of celebration, dedicated to Friendship, Family, Dancing, Unity, Music, Life & Love! Join us and recharge your souls as we bring you a splendid spread of BANGIN BEATS! We will be turning things up for Brennan's aka BUCKMODE B-DAY Celebration! !

Our night's line-up of BEAT CONDUCTORS features the Emerald City's 1LV Crew!! RHETT, BUCKMODE & THE LOVEVIRUS will be delivering doses of dirty decibels that will penetrate your mind, body and soul!! We do our best to keep it HOT and plan on SERVIN' you up a DELIGHTFUL BUFFET of AUDIO FLAVORS that will SURELY SATISFY your AURICLE TASTEBUDS! !

Joining us for some 1LV action, a well-known name in the planet's electronic music community, SVEN LOCHENHOER! The time can't come soon enough for some more 1LUV/DIRTYBIRD ACTION!!! SVEN is known across the globe for his MUSICAL MASTERY, laying down JUICY & HYPNOTIC BASS LINES that leave crowds MELTED on the dancefloor begging for more of his SEAMLESS SOUND!

This SPECIAL CELEBRATION will be STACKED with THICK BASS BEATS that will keep the floor BOUNCIN' til the early morn!! Come FEEL THE HEAT of this FUEL FILLED NIGHT and be sure to wipe your dancin' shoes real good on the rhythm rug...

We are super stoked to have SVEN brining us some DIRTYBIRD / PERFECT DRIVER / MAIN COURSE FLAVOR for this special 1LUV celebration and hope the feeling is CONTAGIOUS! !

We also are proud to be showcasing local artist Jeremiah Hammer aka dear earthling. Jeremiah creates AMAZING painting and NEXT LEVEL graphic design work, that leaves people STANDING IN AWE. His artistic vision, combined with masterful skill, allows dear earthling to construct art that STIMULATES the mind on a different frequency. We hope you will come check out his masterful creations!! !

Please join us on Friday November 30th and get your weekend started off right!

Spread the word, Spread the LUV! !

Event Details:

Local Artist Showcase By: Jeremiah Hammer aka dear earthling

Jeremiah, aka dear earthling, creates amazing paintings and next level graphic design work that leaves people standing in awe at his vision. His artistic vision, combined with masterful skill, allows dear earthling to construct art that stimulates the mind on a different frequency. Jeremiah Hammer (dear earthling) has drawn all his life, but only began painting in 2005. Shortly after he began to explore digital media, and ever since has had one foot in both worlds. In 2009 he founded Echo Echo Gallery in Greenwood, and although he has since moved on, the gallery continues. In 2007 he had his first solo show at Devil Doll Gallery in LA, only two years after picking up his first paint brush. In 2017 he began work on his most ambitious project to date: a massive art book entitled "Under Mist & Mountain" detailing the inhabitants of a faraway world engaged in a struggle between nightmare and dream. He continues to explore other media such as wood, cut paper, and music. Jeremiah has also been a DJ since 1997, and recently founded the weekly music podcast "Hidden Cargo". He is currently lead artist and art director for a soon to be released board game entitled "E'thia" with Permagrin Press.

Photography By: John Allen -

Video/Audio Recording By: Darren Bruce - The DJ Sessions -

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Current Material - Do You Love Me? EP - Out via Dirtybird Select || Get Down To This - Out on the Dirtybird BBQ Secret Sauce EP via Dirtybird || Big Poppin - Out on Miami Drivers 2017 Compilation via Perfect Driver || Spooky Hallway - Out on the Plates EP via Main Course ||

Support - Claude VonStroke, Nicole Moudaber, Chris Lake, Ardalan, Christian Martin, Shiba San, Billy Kenny, Bruno Furlan, Maximono, Bart B. More & many more!

Spawned from the foothills of Russia, the Toronto based 25-year-old producer/DJ, Sven Lochenhoer, has accomplished more in the 2 years of his music career than most would dream of doing in 20. Sven touched down on the electronic music scene in 2016 with his hit record 'Get Down To This' out on power-house label Dirtybird records' BBQ compilation. Following up with releases on Main Course, Perfect Driver, and even his own EP on Dirtybird, it comes as no surprise that dancers, music lovers and the masses have been flocking towards him.

Sven has the musical prowess to churn out fresh hits that cut smooth as butter yet have the ability to rock even the largest of dance floors, and thats exactly what they've done. These productions have propelled him to the forefront of the electronic music scene where he currently shares stages with his biggest idols!

When not playing parties around the world you can find him locked in his studio fishing through records, forging new bass-lines, plucking his harp, or centered on the dance-floor with an ear-to-ear grin! !

Sven is set to continue building his career one step at a time, taking no shortcuts in the pursuit to be one of the leaders of dance music!! !

Rhett ~ 1LUV

Rhett delivers a dynamic array of rhythm when on the decks. He cultivates the congregation by dropping a combination of dirty bass, reverberating layered sound & big love to the dance floor, which can only be portrayed as 1Lv! In his compilations Rhett infuses an eclectic, pulsating blend of House, Booty Tech, Tech House, Breaks, G-house, Techno, Electronica & more! As a purveyor of Big Lv, he serves a mix of prodigious vibrations that will make your booty bounce & your heart flutter!

The LoveVirus ~ 1LUV ~

The LoveVirus has infected the world of electronic music with his uplifting style of booty-moving madness, and there is no cure for this contagion. No dance floor is safe from the spread of his love-based beats delivered as toxic concoction of freaky fun; this DJ and producer contaminates every ear he meets with his epic illness. Diagnosis: Dance!

BuckMode ~ 1LUV ~

BuckMode is always sure to get things bouncing with his booty shakin' sound that refreshes your souls from the inside out! A large helping of BuckMode on the decks has been known to cause BSS (Booty Shakin' Syndrome.) His passion for music and love for the industry shines throughout his musical compilations. When BuckMode is behind the decks he will surely leave you weak in knees! You have been warned!

Monkey Loft

2915 1st Ave S
Seattle, WA 98134
United States (Directions)