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Broken Sonics 2018

Corsica Studios London

Friday, August 3, 2018 10:00 PM

House, Techno

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Event Details

Broken Sonics is back, at its spiritual home (Corsica Studios), at the usual time (early Aug), for the usual price (zilch upwards). Boss. Our policy remains the same, too: experimental electronics, expanded haus/tekno and F1-troubling bass music. Plus a whole load of *everything*, courtesy of the Misc. gang, in room 2. In other words: this is a proper free party, for headz and ravers alike, and a rare chance to enjoy one of London's best clubs on an authentically all-inclusive tip.

Check the line-up - it's nuts. Headlining are two of the UK's most dangerous club DJs: Mosca, bringing an audaciously genre-spanning, forward-marching, at times totally hypnotic breakbeat 4/4 sound to Corsica's booming room 1 rig (check his amazing Truants mix, or pinging recent releases on Livity, Timedance and Not So Much), Equinox bringing... jungle - and the ruff stuff, at that: his Sci Wax platform continues to set the standards in purist, dance-destroying Amenism. Both are proven wizards on the dex and leaders in their respective fields; peak-time chaos beckons.

Grade10 - all eight of 'em (!) - bomb down from Leicester like a Donnie-built scud missile to support, premiering a newly developed live show that may, or may not, fit on the stage. Between them, they've released killer cuts on G10, Black Acre, Corrupt Data and Coyote (among others), run a stackload of l8-nite raves in their hometown, set up a dedicated online radio stn, and even opened a shop trading in the good (y'know: shiny, black, round) stuff. And they know their biz: from modern classical and oldskool ambient thru to slo-house, tekno, garage and, of course, ye olde hardcore jungles. Yes sir. They're joined by Broken Sonics regulars and co-organisers Spatial (jetting over from paradise to rep the latest, perhaps greatest, Infrasonics 12"), TVO and Production Unit, the latter two going back-to-back and FTW, Broken20-style, as per. And Luke Handsfree - of Plex, and now Proximo, fame - and ex-Colonist CB join the dots, smooth the edges, and ease you in/out as you shake it all about.

Over in room 2, Tengui and Datassette's nascent Misc. imprint celebrates a year of sonic misc.anthropy and misc.erablist art posturing, imposing itself like the guest at the party who won't stop playing Krust B-sides offa nicked smartphone. Actually, no: the plan is to play, basically, everything (incl. chongle), a la the label's release ethos, so long as it works on a rig. Which means music spanning the popular and the un-, the electronic and the non-, non-music, and possibly also some muzak. Etc. Recent collaborator and LP-dropper Mucha joins comrades Datashat and Tengui for extended b2b2b action on precisely that tip, while spesh-guests Inchindown (that's Bruised Skies and Moon Zero in Hackney-serenading live form, yo) treat us to a hardware-heavy early-doors PA, on the back of bruising nu drones for Blank Editions. And Misc.-man Orrest, also live, brings the Cumbrian IDMs down from MCR to complete the package.

So... that's one hella-gnarly stack of DJs, live acts and sonic troublemakers for a mere PSnowt, or discretionary donation, on the door, right? Brought to you with the help of no agents, no sponsors, no backers and no bullshitters. And remember: Corsica, pretty much everyone's fave underground haunt these days, is one of the few surviving grassroots hubs in the capital, and has as good a pair of rigs as you'll get for a space of its size. It HUMS, and we're chuffed to be back. See. Thee. There.

Corsica Studios

4/5 Elephant Ed
, SE17 1LB
United Kingdom (Directions)