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Grant Aaron, M Parent, Maŕa Cult

TBA Brooklyn New York

Thursday, January 4, 2018 6:00 PM


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Grant Aaron curates Mysteries of the Deep, a stellar podcast that further exists as a record label and events series. The podcast is approaching an impressive 100 episodes with notable past guests such as Gunnar Haslem, Antenes, Clay Wilson, John Selway, Neel, and Alessandro Cortini.

The podcast's extensive archive is a trove of experimental sound waiting to be unearthed. Mixes come with eclectic tracklists - influences might include classical, punk, gamelan, and the sound of a ship's engine whirring. This is not the atonal-modular-synths type of experimental music, but something more obviously intentional. The mostly ambient soundscapes are a warm invitation to curious ears, simultaneously relaxing and intense. Each mix is assigned a "chapter" in the Mysteries of the Deep series, further evoking a sense of dramatic narrative. The whole thing is beautifully cinematic, conjuring melancholic images of unexplored territories or the echoes of ancient civilizations with futuristic technologies. Mysteries of the Deep is an incredibly sophisticated darkness - otherworldly and inspiring, apocalyptic but gentle - and very well-designed.

All of this is evidence of Grant Aaron's extensive musical reach. Last year he provided a mix for Dommune, an essential cultural beacon in Japan's underground music scene. Without a doubt, he comes armed with powerful sounds of techno and beyond. Aaron is also part of the experimental-electronic trio Birds Of Prey. The group describes itself as "brought together by a shared fascination with the sublime potential of electricity to generate something unknown," a fitting description for what might be found spilling onto the dancefloor on this special night.


M Parent is a Brooklyn-based DJ and live hardware performer constantly experimenting with elements of acid, breakbeat, and emotion. His background as an animator informs and furthers how he expresses himself musically. With a story-driven approach to producing, he creates dancefloor-focused listening experiences that encourage attention to narrative arcs and plot twists. By exclusively using hardware, M Parent aims to showcase emotive pieces that exist somewhere between continuously evolving songs and fully functional tracks.

2017 proved to be a special year for M Parent, sharing lineups this summer with big names (Lena Willikens at an instance of Pittsburgh's undeniably special Hot Mass party and DJ Bone at Good Room) while being a consistent element of the Modal Form parties at Jupiter Disco.

Join us at TBA, our launchpad once again as we step into a new void. This time we depart from our earthly existence seeking a groove in a darkness beyond the stratosphere before returning to the glow of the new year.

See you on the dance floor.

TBA Brooklyn

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