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Whomadewho & Machinedrum

The Midway San Francisco

Saturday, November 4, 2017 7:00 PM - 2:00 AM

21 and Over, Live

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Following the sold-out Luminary festival in March, our new show features even more spectacular exhibits and performances, with artists and their phenomenal work at the center of the audience experience.

Featuring Music by:

Dj Three
Christina Chatfield
Vin Sol
Blu Farm
& MORE Special Guests TBA

Future Fires and The Midway present Luminary (Expanded), San Francisco’s most comprehensive experiential arts and technology Happening, featuring performances and responsive artwork alongside musical headliners MachineDrum (announcing more music and artists soon!)

Immersive environments star, as both local and international artists come together to create unforgettable experiences spanning the breadth of the visual, auditory, and tactile. Once confined to flat monitors and screens, Luminary (Expanded) reveals art, tech, and music in three moving, living dimensions. Wearable tech couture contracts and morphs based on a viewer’s gaze, an immense gallery becomes a reactive, living organism, percussionists create explosions of color and light, and selfies rain like confetti from the sky.

Artists include:

Behnaz Ferahi brings her wearable tech couture to Luminary with rare embedded sight-reactive technology.
Her designs have appeared internationally at Ars Electronica, Linz, and, Context Art Miami, and have been featured in WIRED, BBC, CNN, The Guardian, and elsewhere. (“Mind-bendingly futuristic and inspiring installations …” The Creators Project).

• Montreal-based artist Mathieu LeSourd (Maotik) transforms the main gallery space into a living organism with motion-reactive piece "Flow." Moatik has produced multimedia experiences in the Los Angeles airport, as well as the visuals for the Nine Inch Nails world tour. He brings "Flow” - inspired by ocean tides - to the block-long expanse of the Midway Gallery, bathing the audience in color, light, and sound.
(“Unique, poetic, playful …” Athens Digital Arts Festival).

• John Edmark (faculty, Stanford) exhibits strobe-enabled 3D sculptures. Edmark has commissions on display in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and New York, as well as at SF’s own Exploratorium. He has broken genuinely new ground with strobe-enabled sculptures that grow and change in fantastic ways as we watch.

• Now based in San Francisco, Can Buyukberber (Turkey) and, Marpi (Poland) are multi-platform artists working in both the physical and digital realms. In Luminary (expanded) they collaborate with Mikey Disko (Oakland, USA), presenting an expanded edition of the motion-capture Moshi Project: hip-hop dance meets motion-capture digital arts.

• Osman Koc presents a never-before-seen immersive and interactive installation in our main room, engulfing guests and performers. Koc has exhibited extensively in Turkey, Germany, Bulgaria, Holland, Austria, and France. He co-founded the Turkish design hub Iskele47. Now based in San Francisco, Koc is the interaction designer and technical director for Future Fires.

• Tom Stayte just closed a multiple month sold out pop-up show at The Color Factory. Guests of Luminary will be able to interact with this popular installation "Selfie" in the entrance of the festival. Living and working in Sheffield, England, Stayte’s creative practice provides commentary on the role of the individual in post digital culture. Through appropriated photography, installations and books, he gives physical form to our unavoidable interactions with digital entities. Now seemingly omnipresent in our lives, Tom provides perspective on how these enormous structures affect our sense of identity.

• Meryl Pataky is beloved in the Bay Area as a talented and passionate neon bender and mixed media artist. Pataky creates a piece for Luminary that will show the transformative power of neon. Meryl is deeply involved in her industry and shares her knowledge of the craft through workshops, curated shows and artist talks/panels. Recently, Meryl curated an all-female show at The Museum of Neon Art which highlighted 29 benders from around the world, making their own work with their own hands

SprayPrinter's new technology adorns the walls of The Midway with beautiful artwork as guests try their hand at this fascinating new product. Sprayprinter reinvents the way how we think about and design our visual surroundings. SprayPrinter has creates a wireless printing core technology that can adorn hard to reach walls or create a perfect replica of any image.

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The prolific producer, born Travis Stewart on March 4, 1982, Machinedrum has produced and composed several albums under various aliases since his first independent release in 1999. His debut, ‘Now You Know’, was released in 2001 on the influential Miami-based Merck Records and gained worldwide attention and praise from musicians, fans and critics in the IDM scene. It was heralded as the “standard to which the next wave of imitators aspires” by the almighty Pitchfork. Having a strong background in both... View More

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