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Les Carbonell & Rob Hollywood

Cielo New York

Friday, October 27, 2017 10:00 PM



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Growing up in the South Bronx, Les Carbonell was influenced by many things in the neighborhood. But, music was the most prominent force during his formative years. It was a constant background noise, synonymous with the sounds of the city: buses whirling by, cars beeping, children playing, and music seeping through open windows. At any given moment, a mix of Hip Hop and Afro-Latino beats pulsed through the air, like the neighborhood’s inexorable heartbeat. And it was this heartbeat, this fusion of musical variances that eventually became the inspiration for Les’ signature style today. His blends include a mixture of deep soulful beats, melodious vocals, and quality Techno.

Beyond the influence of his neighborhood, other great inspirations came in the form of people. World-class DJs like Little Louie Vega, Kenny Dope Gonzalez, Hex Hector, Danny Buddah Morales, Oscar G, and Victor Calderone, to name a few. And, of course, one of the most robust motivations, the apex of his inspiration…is his family. Les' wife and children continue to be constant muses. "I play for her, she has shown me what true love is, and as long as I can reach people through music, I know I've succeeded."

Driven by passion and a fervent desire to constantly grow as an artist, Les continues to build his musical prowess, taking his audience on euphonious journeys whenever he performs. His latest endeavor are his own Merge parties, where he strives to bring together elements of music, people, and passions. He says, “I must say first & foremost, MUSIC has been an immeasurable influence in my life, as a child to the present. It's permeated every aspect of who I am today, says Les. "It has taught me to express myself in ways I never thought possible. Live, Love, Laugh, Learn & make sure you have one hell of a soundtrack as you go!"


18 Little West 12th Street
New York, NY 10014
United States (Directions)