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Tue Sep 27 · 6 pm
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Vibrant Civic Center is dominated by government buildings, including the Colorado State Capitol with its gold-plated dome. Dotted with fountains, statues and a Greek amphitheater, Civic Center Park draws crowds in summer for festivals, concerts and a cluster of popular food trucks. A huge collection of international works fills the Denver Art Museum, while the United States Mint runs coin-making tours.

A century ago, Civic Center was created to be the civic and cultural heart of Denver. Located today at the crossroads of government, culture, commerce and community, Civic Center is a 12-acre urban oasis anchoring one of the grandest architectural campuses in America. As Denver's only National Historic Landmark, Civic Center is one of the most complete and intact City Beautiful-era designs remaining today. Civic Center Park's preservation is vital to Denver's historic footprint as well is its modern-day life; ensuring this fact is realized is the nonprofit Civic Center Conservancy, whose mission is to keep this essential public space active and thriving for all. The Conservancy helps bring to life the visions our founders had over 100 years ago. We hope you'll visit the heart of our city - Civic Center Park, where history meets the modern!

101 14th Ave, Denver
Denver, CO 80204
United States
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