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Sat Feb 26 · 7 pm
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Fair Park covers 277-acres just east of downtown Dallas. Its cultural, historical and entertainment venues play host to visitors from around the world every day of the year.

The park opened in 1886 with what was called the Dallas State Fair. Several structures, including the Centennial Building and Cotton Bowl Stadium, made their debut on the grounds between 1900 and 1930.

But Fair Park really became a part of the nation’s consciousness in 1936, when state leaders chose it to host a world’s fair commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Texas Republic. Texas' history, economy, flora and fauna were highlighted in the buildings, statues, and murals designed for the event. Architects and artists came from all over the world to design a variety of elements that would establish the unique Art Deco throughout Fair Park.

1438 Coliseum Drive
Dallas, TX 75210
United States
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