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Candleroom Dallas Tickets & Promo Codes: FAQ & Tips - Discotech

Candleroom Dallas Tickets & Promo Codes: FAQ & Tips - Discotech

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How Tickets and Promo Codes Work at Candleroom in Dallas

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Candleroom is located at 5039 Willis Ave

For special events, Candleroom in Dallas sell presale tickets, also known as general admission tickets, in order to get entry into the venue. Here’s what you need to know about buying tickets for Candleroom events:

General Guidelines

Here are the most important things to know about buying tickets and using promo codes for Candleroom:

  • Candleroom tickets can be purchased online and in advance
  • Candleroom's typical business hours are 10 pm - 2 am Wed, Fri - Sat
  • The benefit of buying tickets in advance is guaranteed entry as long as you respect the venue rules and regulations
  • We don't currently have any promo codes or discount codes available for tickets at Candleroom
  • We recommend that you purchase your tickets using a credit card or payment method that matches your full name. This will avoid any possible problems at Candleroom when they scan or check your ticket.
Please Remember! Always bring an ID that matches the name on your credit card used to purchase the tickets.
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FAQ about Tickets and Promo Codes at Candleroom

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Tickets are the best way to get into Candleroom Dallas

Still looking for more information about buying tickets and using promo codes for Candleroom? No problem, we compiled the most frequently asked questions about it right here:

Where and how do I buy tickets for Candleroom?

Using Discotech, you can easily find the event and Candleroom tickets you're looking for.
  1. Head over to the Candleroom events section and choose the proper date and event you want to buy tickets for.
  2. Look for the Tickets section
    • Click on the "Buy Tickets" button and we'll automatically redirect you to the right page to buy tickets for Candleroom
    • If the ticket provider is Eventbrite, you'll be able to easily checkout directly on Discotech

What are promo codes? Are there any codes currently available for Candleroom?

Promo codes, coupon codes and discount codes are special promotional benefits given by the venue.

We don't currently have any promo codes available for tickets at Candleroom

How do I use the promo code?

  1. Start by copying the promo code
  2. Go to Candleroom events page
  3. Choose the event you're interested in and click on Buy Tickets
  4. On the ticketing page, you should see an area to put a promo code
  5. Add the promo code

In some cases, the promo code section may be in a different page such as the cart, checkout, or event page. Promo code is also known as "coupon", "coupon code" or "discount code".

What are the benefits of buying tickets instead of getting on the guest list?

The tradeoff between presale tickets and guest lists is that signing up for the guest list may be cheaper than buying presale tickets. That being said, there's NO GUARANTEE you will get in through any guest list. Venue management can decide to close the guest list at their discretion and without warning at any time, once their capacity is reached. Also, the line for guest list is usually much longer and moves much slower than the line for presale tickets.

With a presale ticket for Candleroom, you are guaranteed to get in, and you advance to the front via a shorter and faster line. You may have paid more than someone who got in on guest list, but you are assured of entry in a timely fashion.

Some venues offer girls guest list only and some do not even offer a guest list on days of high demand. In those situations a presale ticket must be purchased to gain entry.

What events can I buy tickets for right now?

Unfortunately, there are currently no upcoming Candleroom events that have tickets available.

When do the ticket sales at Candleroom end?

The time that tickets sale close vary depending on the event.

We recommend that you try to purchase your tickets as early as possible especially if the event is selling out fast.

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Candleroom offers tickets on certain nights

How will the tickets be delivered?

Nowadays, Most tickets purchased online will be delivered electronically and you will only need to bring your mobile phone to the venue. Some providers will also allow you to print or receive physical tickets. We recommend that you choose e-tickets because it is the safest method - just make sure to charge your phone battery before heading out to Candleroom!

Should I use a promoter to purchase tickets for me?

We highly recommend that you use Discotech's ticketing links to purchase tickets at Candleroom. This way, you'll always be able to buy directly from the ticket supplier instead of buying tickets from any third-party company.

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Please note that Discotech is not the ticket provider. Ticketing information on this page is strictly used for informational purposes only. Appropriate attire is required for admission. The venue reserves the right to deny admission.