New Year's Eve 2019 Barcelona

LA RAZZALIA! - New Year's Eve 2020
Doors open at 10:30 PM
TUESDAY | 31st December 2019 @ RAZZMATAZZ CLUBS - LA RAZZALIA! 5 salas con los hits que más has bailado en nuestro club. ¡¡Y si quieres, puedes tomarte las uvas con nosotros!! RAZZCLUB - SALA 1 Amable + Legoteque THE LOFT - SALA 2 Baldo (All Night Long) LOLITA - SALA 3 TVMNSTR + Lovers POP BAR - SALA 4 Dirty vs Mandanga!: Siria Dj + Perotutehasvisto + Dirty Dancers T R I L L - SALA 5 Cuchi-Trill: Will Blake + Sanatruja
New Year's Eve 2020 Opium
Doors open at 10:30 PM
Tu mejor Fin de año en Opium Barcelona. La propuesta de Opium Barcelona se centrará en el EDM, la música house y los hits comerciales. Se prevé que el club de primera línea de mar abra puertas a las 22:30h, antes de comer las uvas, y permanezca abierto hasta las 06h. Actuarán sus DJs residentes. Your best New Year's Eve at Opium Barcelona. Opium Barcelona's proposal will focus on EDM, house music and commercial hits. The seafront club is expected to open doors at 10:30 p.m., before eating the grapes, and remain open until 06h. Your resident DJs will perform. #newyear #findeaño #opium #barcelona
NYE 2019/2020 - Otto Zutz
Doors open at 11:59 PM
The best Club in town since 1985!! With 4 different dancefloors and atmospheres!! Mainroom: Hip Hop & RnB Hot Room: Reggaeton Commercial Room: International Hits Los Altos: Commercial Hits In our previous New Year’s Eve parties we have had the pleasure to spend a delightful night with celebrities such as Freddie Mercury, U2, Spice Girls, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, Leonardo Di Caprio, Naomi Campbell, Silvester Stallone and many more!! Don't miss it! We are part of Barcelona's history, so don't think it twice, if you want to know the real vibes of the city, you must visit us! BUY YOUR TICKET NOW!