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Zoé is a Grammy Award and Latin Grammy Award-winning Mexican rock band. It was initially formed in Mexico City in 1994, although membership started to stabilize in 1997. The band has achieved success in Mexico and most Spanish-speaking countries with albums such as Rocanlover, Memo Rex Commander y el Corazón Atómico de la Vía Láctea and Reptilectric.

As the Zoé tour makes its way through California, the Mexican rock artist looks back at the early days. It's late morning and Leon Larregui sounds a little groggy, but it's understandable. By night he's the frontman of Zoé currently on a 15-city tour of the United States and seeing more sold-out shows than ever before. By day, he sleeps in and rests.

"Each time you get more ruco," says Larregui with a slight chuckle, referring to growing older. "It's a little more painful now being away from home, but it's also beautiful."

For 20 years, Larregui has been writing and singing for the band that has seen its share of ups and downs. In the early days, they experienced the pangs of finding their sound, being rejected by labels, making albums that received lukewarm receptions and wondering if they would even get past the first few years.

None of that is lost on Larregui and the rest of the band: Jesus Baez (keyboards), Sergio Acosta (lead guitar), Rodrigo Guardiola (drums) and Angel Mosqueda (bass).

Over two decades, the five bandmates have sold more than 1.5 million records, their 2011-2014 tour was seen by 2.5 million people and their last tour spanned 100 concerts, with 40,000 people attending closing night at Foro Sol in Mexico City, according to their official bio.

To mark their milestone 20th anniversary, the celebrated Latin alternative band is traveling the world one stage at a time armed with a catalog of music and new offerings from their current album Aztlán, which was written by Larregui and produced by Craig Silver (Arcade Fire, Florence and The Machine), Phill Vinyl (Placebo, Pulp) and Zoé.

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