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Fri Oct 28 · 9 pm
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It's scary being in free fall, but it's also incredibly liberating, as Josh Young can tell you. He just jumped off an interesting ledge. After 11 years working side-by-side with another creative mind, nearly a decade signed to a major label, and year after year spent touring the world with hardly a moment to wonder where his career was steering, he's walked away, and he's actually really excited.

As one half of Flosstradamus, he more than garnered success. His production work on a remix of Diplo's “Original Don” helped spur a dance music movement. Flosstradamus translated southern hip-hop's trap sound into a major dance festival staple. It's a genre that crossed oceans and inspired thousands, while rocketing Young and his partner Curt Cameruci to bigger stages, bigger lineups, and bigger responsibilities. They became the poster boys of a sound, a feeling, an aesthetic, but as is so often the case with success, the attention was a double-edged sword.

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