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Stemming from musicians’ family, he learns the piano from the age of 3 years. Having studied to the academy, its knowledge goes beyond the electronics, and allows him to create compositions which can’t be defined by a style.

His music is powerful, dreamlike and sophisticated. It draws its strength from the synthesis of a multitude of kinds and periods. As if Mozart and Rolling Stones had been made an appointment some years later…

Before even the release of his first album, Worakls has already begun a world tour with gigs on famous festivals as “La Nuit Rouge” in France or “Soultech Festival” in Mexico, but also in clubs which make live the passion of the techno around the globe!

To play in front of 10.000 or 600 persons has no importance for him, as long as good energy gets free of each performance.

His productions find their place in the charts of the “best sales” every week, and are playlisted every weekend all around the globe.

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