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Hailing from Solna, Sweden, the same Stockholm that produced Steve Angello, Swedish duo Wayn & Woods are patiently paving their road to progressive house stardom with countless hours of studio work.

Wayne & Woods met when they were just six years old and began collaborating as teens after reconnection in Solna's intimate production scene. The pasttime quickly became a passion, as the group turned heads with a prolific progression of releases until Size Records took notice, culminating in their November 2011 label signing.

While the meteoric rise to the ranks of their dream label has been exhilarating, Wayne & Woods remain as humble as they are hungry, eschewing the complacency common to their generation for a discipline of unflagging effort. Per Steve's personal instructions, they have fixed their focus on their bedroom studio and incubating their talents therein.

Fresh off their month long 'Jumangee' North American Tour 2013, Wayne & Woods have returned to the lab with superlative momenum amid transitional buzz. With tracks already enjoying full support from Steve and the Size crew alongside an arsenal of productions in the pipeline, Wayne & Woods are poised to unleash their sound on an unsuspecting world.

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