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Since bursting onto the scene only a few short years ago,tyDi has already achieved more than some can say in a lifetime. During thestart of his journey, this extremely young musician was busy balancing hismusical career and his studies, graduating with a music degree from theprestigious Conservatorium of Music and releasing his critically acclaimeddebut album ‘Look Closer’ when he was only 19. The classically trainedmusical mastermind is responsible for creating the chart topping album ‘ShootingStars’, which reached #4 on iTunes in the USA, as well as #1 in Australia,Canada, UK and Finland.

Despite being voted ‘Australia’s #1 DJ’ two years in a row,he has also been voted in the Top 100 DJ’s of the World for the last threeyears. He currently resides as the #48 top DJ in the world. The humble Aussiehas also been honored the International Dance Music Award’s ‘Best Break-ThroughDJ of the World’ award presented by Tiësto.

The young DJ spends most of his time touring the world andhas been playing over 150 shows each year throughout all of Europe, the USA,Canada, Asia, Australia, and also has a residency in Las Vegas. TyDi regularlyperforms to tens of thousands each week and has played some of the highestprofile festivals around the planet to extraordinarily large crowds as big as45,000 people.

In between tour dates, during flights, and in hotel rooms iswhere tyDi finds the time to write some of the most cutting edge music withunrivalled attention to detail and musical composition. He has written andcollaborated with some of the most remarkable producers in the world, such asGrammy nominated producer BT.

tyDi’s weekly, worldwide radio show, ‘Global Soundsystem’reaches to over 30 countries on FM radio and can also be streamed as an iTunespodcast from anywhere in the world. Among all of his music videos released,combined viewers have reached well into the millions and growing. tyDi’s riseto global stardom has attracted interest from media well outside the world ofelectronic music, with full features in Young Hollywood, Rolling StoneMagazine, and music video rotation throughout Nordstrom department stores inthe USA. His single, ‘Acting Crazy’ from his album ‘Shooting Stars’ has alsogained recognition from Top 40 terrestrial radio stations in the U.S. and is indaily rotation at multiple stations.

Even with his busy tour schedule, writing sessions, andradio show, tyDi manages to maintain all of his social media outlets andpersonally engage with his fans from all over the world. Most of all, he is amusician at heart, forever aspiring to improve musically and produce only thehighest quality of work.

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