Tuhin Mehta


Some DJs build up their sets slowly, peak it and fade out slowly…. but for someone like Tuhin who is Brutal By Birth…it’s Brute Force all the way….

In a country like India where the music scene is dominated by Bollywood (film soundtracks) and Bollywood remixes, choosing a genre as eclectic and tangentially different as tribal tech or electro would be suicidal to any budding DJ’s career. Never one to conform to the norm, Tuhin did just that…. With dramatic results!

Tuhin’s adventurous journey with music began almost 14yrs ago when he got a pair of regular CD players and a small 2 channel mixer, hooked them up to his home stereo and tried to play songs in a continuous loop. The rudimentary setup slowly gave way to a more professional setup, which in turn, has now grown into his own private studio loaded with state of the art hardware and cutting edge software.

A journey that started on the shores of house music slowly began to integrate other sub-genres of EDM. Through years of growth, selecting and honing his personal style of Djing, his sound has fused together to form a hard hitting, heavy bass line loaded, synth laced, in your face attitude charged with the pure energy of a thousand clubbers ……the sound was heralded as. …EnergiTech!

The rise to stardom did not come easy, especially for someone who chose to be stubbornly different.

Born in Chennai, India Tuhin’s Djing career started with a residency at a local club The Grind where he played weekends, while in his mid teens. He began to be known for his guest sets at various venues around the city, where his sound was recognized as radically different from what other DJs of his time were playing, and was immediately embraced by the clubbing faithful in Chennai.

His popularity has grown over the years and he has a dedicated following of clubbers trailing him to wherever he plays in the country. His step into Mumbai - the hub of EDM in India, happened with the Mooga Movement, a movement dedicated to all that is house music. To his credit Tuhin has played more invitation and special guest nights than a regular residency.

Not being content with just playing at sold-out venues, Tuhin has also ventured into the realms of production. He is a professionally qualified student of Audio Engineering from the world-renowned School of Audio Engineering (SAE)’s Chennai campus. His expertise and extensive knowledge of the art of audio engineering as been reinforced by the fact that M-Audio have named him as one of their international artists. He is also an international ambassador to the Berklee College of music.

His quest for a bigger better tune led to the collaboration with DJ Shane Mendonsa and the birth of India’s first EDM duo “Brute Force”. In India where EDM is restricted to clubs and private collections it was hard for Brute Force to find a willing producer who would promote their talent, but that didn’t stop them, they went ahead and started “Brutal By Birth”, the subcontinent’s first independent house Label.

2006 saw the release of “Kill the Bass” the first single from Brute Force. The track received critical acclaim in the club circuit and has found a permanent slot in the track lineup of India’s leading Progressive House DJs.

The year also heralded an association with “Submerge”, India’s longest running EDM night. Along with a monthly Submerge residency in Bombay, Tuhin also plays in Hyderabad and promotes Submerge’s Chennai chapter.

Some DJs build up their sets slowly, peak it and fade out slowly…. but for someone like Tuhin who is Brutal By Birth…it’s Brute Force all the way….


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