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Tree is a producer, artist and musical centerpiece from Chicago, IL. He is the creator of Soul Trap –a genre premised in Tree’s musical roots, which fuses latter-day soul with modern-day rap, combining the soul and trap sound of his production with the reality and authenticity that is found in his voice. Since 2012, Tree has released 3 critically accalaimed projects, Sunday School, Sunday School II, When Church Lets out, and The @MCTREEG EP.

Having been an avid student of music since a young age, growing up in the Cabrini-Green projects of downtown Chicago, Tree always knew he would be a standout producer and rapper. Emerging from the drill scene, where music is heavily influenced by trap drums and heavy bass, Tree learned the inner workings of creating music and developed his own self-proclaimed sound, “Soul Trap”. Tree is knownf or painting a vivid and realistic picture of Chicago, a place where cunning and caution are as quintessential as charisma and class. The future is now for Tree and his sound is progressive yet nostalgic. The ability to create a vision through music is what separates the talented from the rest, and in a forest of artists as alike, Tree stands alone.