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Our group was formed a little different than most local groups. Our first goal was to get a CD out then start doing shows.

So, in Sept. of 2004 we released our first CD entitled "Dis ain'tcha momma's Zodico" which featured the song "Bar be que and drink a few" and received a lot of air play throughout Louisiana and in Jan. 2005 we started doing live shows as a band and played over 200 shows in 2005 to date! The first CD was such a success and the band draw at clubs and festivals became increasingly growing we decided it was time for another CD! So, in Sept. 2005 we released our second CD entitled "Zydeco Train" and have had several songs receive quite a bit of airplay including "Vibrator"(number 1 requested song on several stations including KBON), "Booty Call" and "Zydeco Train"! The CD according to several distributors in Louisiana and 7 of the major retail stores is the .. 1 selling CD in it's genre of music!

In 2006 we decided to release 2 CD's! One being a Xmas CD entitled "Ho, Ho, Ho" and the other entitled "Booty Zydeco"! Our Xmas CD received instant air play with the song entiled "Santa Claus don't wear no draws" and our "Booty Zydeco" CD was nearly a double CD with 21 songs featuring 18 original songs and 3 covers! One of our original songs received instant attention from LSU fans around the world with the song entitled "Tiger Tailgate Party" landing us LSU shows and one including a party for LSU Alumni at "The House of Blues" in New Orleans! The song also got New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton's attention and we received a personal email from him saying that he enjoyed our group!

Also in 2007 the band got a surprise visit from Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin's lead singer and front man)! He came out and heard our group and stayed and danced the entire night and visited with us after the show and said how he hadn't danced in 10 years and how much he enjoyed the show and through word of mouth heard that he told several people how much he enjoyed the band! So, being a huge fan of Robert Plant it was one of those moments for the band that will never be forgotten!

In 2008 we released our 5th CD entitled HipHop Zyderock and was a Cd that blended all of our past styles and several new ideas that we wanted to express on CD. The styles ranged from Zydeco, rock, hip-hop, Cajun and everything in between along with our own ideas and styles. This CD we also decided to drop the term Zydeco from the band name for several different reasons. One being we played so many different styles of music that we didn't like being LABELED as a band that played one style and two being that it wasn't fair to Zydeco bands that we represented Zydeco with us doing so many styles so we decided to simply be "The Kingpins"!:-)

The CD featured several party songs and several risky songs that created controversy but also featured a song dedicated to our lost brother and band member Mathew "T-Clem" Cormier and the song was titled "Miss You", the song received several hundred and possibly thousands of emails and myspace messages saying how it touched so many people. The song is close to our heart and glad it helped so many people get through their time of lost!

We would like envite all of you guys to come and experience the Kingpins LIVE! Be prepared to party and dance all night lone! :-)