Tony Tone

Latin, Reggaeton

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Any given night, you can find Tony mixing music videos at Chicago’s hottest bars, behind the decks at popular Chicago clubs, or on stage at some of Chicago's finest music venues.

Tony is a fixture in the Chicago scene, having held residencies at Chicago’s newest and hottest spots, including Bull & Bear, Stone Lotus, District, Vertigo Sky Lounge, Lasalle Power Co and English.   His professional spinning belies a wide range of influences, from Hip Hop and House to Truntablism, Reggae, Funk and Latin Jazz. With his positive, energetic, dance-oriented mixes that are tightly catered to fit any crowd that comes through the doors, Tony Tone always keeps the party moving.

In the studio Tony is equally as active. He is featured in a weekly mixshow on powered by Additionally, he is constantly collaborating with others in order to learn and grow as a musician.  His skill of putting together seamless mixtapes, mash-ups, bootlegs, and remixes is respected throughout the industry and there is an expectation of great things to come.

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