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In July 1981, producer Shep Pettibone asked Tony for amastermix show tape to fill in for a no show on his KISS-FM NY radio show. Avacancy left by Pettibone at the station opened the door for his own permanentmix show. Simultaneously, schooled under the“I’ll-leave-you-in-the-booth-and-see-what-happens” antics of resident DJ LarryPatterson of NJ’s Club Zanzibar fame, resulted in him gaining “THE” residencyin 1982.

Developing his creative experiences behind the recordingstudio’s control board only enhanced his style and magic. Artists like Mtume(Tony’s first gold record “Juicy Fruit”), Chaka Khan, Karen White, ReginaBelle, Donna Summer, Jungle Brothers, Queen Latifah, and The Cover Girls wereall governed by the “Humphries handicraft”.

By the mid to late 80’s, Tony became the sole helmsmanweaving the tunes three nights a week, thus making dance music superstars outof local talent embedded in the heartland of Newark and her surrounding areas.Summoned across the Atlantic by the British in 1987. The “Jersey Sound” wascoined by their press. In addition to traveling, remix projects mounting,pumping out a weekly radio mix show, and holding down the fort at the club,Tony was in his prime making the world of dance music exciting, hip, andrefreshing.

By November 1990, his 8 year tenure ended with a tearfulrefrain, but this didn’t discourage Tony as he became in demand worldwide andrelocated to London, England. In January of 1993, Tony took up the offer to bethe resident jock at the Ministry of Sound club. That year was rounded off witha residency at “Echoes” in Rimini, Italy. This Italian residency continued for4 years while simultaneously relocating back in NJ to launch his YellorangeProduction Co.

It can be said that Tony Humphries has left an inerasableimpression on the global dance music industry. To date over 300 venues he hasgigged worldwide, done over 200 studio remixes, the latest being JanetJackson’s hit “Together Again”. Throughout tremendous recognition, tons ofawards and accolades from his peers, he has remained humble.

Indeed, the man... the music... the legend, Tony Humphries.

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