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Young Berliner Tom Peters is a master of texture – sonic and otherwise.

The burgeoning DJ/producer, whose very first track “Take Your Chance” was released by revered German label Kompact, makes techno beats on gauze, and bold declarations on cotton. His music is “dreamy,” he says, yet steeped in the angular traditions of his home country. Save Fashion, his line of bespoke T-shirts, is unapologetically stylish, yet almost confrontational in its frankness. It’s all one to the energetic young artist, who speaks with the passion of a true believer and creative spirit.

“I don’t know why everybody needs to be a DJ. That’s really confusing to me,” he says. “I think music is such an intense thing; sending a message to people that way, it’s kind of beyond talking. There are no words to match.”

Born close to the Baltic sea, 2 hours away from Berlin, Peters first started experimenting with electronic music in his early teens. But his move into the city at the age of 19 fully converted him, particularly to the “experimental, industrial, and not commercial at all” music he was hearing in Berlin’s legendary nightclubs.

Driven to design his own clothing because “I couldn’t afford Dior shirts,” he says, Peters’ DIY threads started getting noticed on the dance floor. In scratchy custom typefaces arranged with stark geometry, his shirts told entire stories in just a few words: “I LOVED YOU” said one in red; “DREAMONDREAMER” said another, in fractured run-on. But “I THINK ABOUT YOU ALL THE TIME” resonated loudest: A brave yet vulnerable statement that didn’t mean any one thing, not even to Peters.

“It’s really intense,” he says about the evocative line. “I think when it started it was about love; when you really love somebody, you’re crazy about that person, and you think about that person constantly. That changed really quickly to me traveling around the world, thinking about friends and family all the time. Now I think about my music all the time. It’s not just one thing, it’s a whole lifestyle.”

With a musical policy of emotion first, Peters’ style is boundless, tracking from Bjork to Get Physical to techno minimalism sexiness enhanced by the occasional hint of big city melancholy.

His heroes are similarly genre-agnostic. “I’m really influenced by Dixon and Ame,” he says. “I saw them play an 18-hour set once, going through different moods, and the whole time I was curious about the next track. I didn’t even want to go to the toilet.”

His own romantic (in the Shakespearean sense) sets won him a residency at the infamous Dalston Superstore in East London (with Borja Pena), his own party at Prince Charles Club in Berlin, where he hosts artists like Deniz Kurtel and Aerea Negrot, and gigs from Barcelona to New York and Miami, where he played alongside Nicole Moudaber and Victor Calderone during Miami Music Week.

Tom Peters is just beginning. Look for much more from this exciting talent, including more music and the U.S. launch of Save Fashion, throughout 2013.

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