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If anyone is capturing the current spirit of acid house it’s Tom ‘The Jedi’ Middleton. Not content with having the biggest tune around with Cosmos ‘Take Me with You’, he has set out his stall with his definitive mix for Hooj Choons. Entitled 'The Sound Of The Cosmos’, this 3 CD package captures Tom at his very best behind the decks and FX, and encompasses the full diversity of styles that have made his name as a top flight DJ. A comprehensive showcase of the great and the good - a triple CD package to rank alongside the legendary Renaissance set from Sasha and Digweed, and is a great reflection of the global musical agenda being set by the SMIRNOFF Experience.

Rhythm, melody, harmony. The essence of great music. CD1 ‘Rhythm’ features Tom’s breaks/deepstep mix, CD2 ‘Melody’ features his deep house set, and ‘Harmony’ CD3, his downtempo set. An outstanding display of his talents, ‘The Sound Of The Cosmos’ will cement Tom’s reputation as one of the best, and most eclectic Dj’s of around.

Tom hails from south west England, but his musical knowledge is worldwide - his talents seem to know no bounds. Established as a DJ (of 12 years standing), artist, producer and remixer, Tom is renowned for his off the wall approach to music and life. Global Communications ("76:14" including the seminal ambient epic Grandfather Clock track.. "Ob-selon Mi-nos"), Cosmos, Jedi Knights ("New School Science") and Reload ("A Collection of Short Stories") - all have Tom at the helm. Some big tunes, some genuine classics and bucket loads of talent.

True eclecticism is always hard to find, but with ‘Sound Of The Cosmos’ look no further. Where else will you find Blue Monday overlaid with Tiga’s ultra hot ‘Sunglasses At Night’, or Schmoov’s remix of A Millions Sons’ truly genius ‘Misti Blu’ sitting happily alongside Bob Morgan’s ‘Marguerite’ (a reggae version of the Tony Hart’s ‘Take Heart’ theme tune)? Right here...Tom is a classically trained cellist and pianist, grew up on a diet of breakdancing, surfing and skating, 80’s electro, synth pop, hip hop, ska, goth, rock, jazzfunk, soul and boogie, early Chicago acid house , Detroit techno and New York house and garage, which might explain his eclectic tastes. Also keep your ears peeled for those unmistakable Cosmos ‘Take Me With You’ bleeps fading in and out of the mix.

This mix aims to encapsulate Tom’s weekly eclectic Kiss 100 radio show that encompasses "all styles and eras across all tempos". The enigmatic Tom enthuses: “I’m thrilled that Hooj are releasing my ambitious eclectic triple CD selection...I couldn't bare to leave off so many beautiful tracks or edit them down to a single CD, so take your pick from Deep, Electro, Break, Step - key mixed Soulful, Sexy, Jazz, House - or the lovers guide to Chillout. With this comp you can have it large with your mates in the frontroom, small with your parents in the kitchen, then have it off with your
lover in the bedroom. It’s music for life with a feel good factor turned up to 11. Blending current and future classics plus some overlooked sonic gems that pass the meticulous Middleton quality control criteria; timless, melodic, warm, deep, sexy, soulful, and uplifting...”

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