Timothy Wilson


Timothy "Chris" Wilson is a young writer producer and director. He was born on the south side of Chicago. Timothy Wilson was born June 28, 1991 at Jackson Park hospital. He was raised on Chicago's south side. Timothy attended Wendell Phillips and from there, he attended Lincoln Challenge. Timothy started his acting career at the age of 16 writing small Maury show clips on "Youtube" hoping to entertain people all over the world. In January of 2011, Timothy was able to act in his first television show entitled,  "The ReAwakening." From there, Timothy linked with "G.B.V ENTERTAINMENT," who helped him create his own television show "ALL ABOUT CHRIS". February 2012 was Timothy's first day putting the show out to the public and with that, the character Og Granny. She knocked people off their feet causing this show to trend on twitter. July 2012 Timothy wrote his first stage play  "OG GRANNY DONT TAKE NO MESS" which nearly sold out the whole Harold Washington Cultural Center. Successfully All About Chris TV show is standing strong and is now in season 3. Chris is a funny guy fun to be around. He is always cracking jokes no matter who the people are around him. Chris is not a follower, but more of a leader. Timothy uses Chris to speak to the youth. He try's to lead them on a path to be leaders and not followers themselves.


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