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Thuy is here to declare her place in the music industry, once and for all. Hailing from the Bay Area, the Vietnamese singer-songwriter arrives with her own version of soulful R&B, with vocals strong enough to move mountains. Thuy was surrounded by music growing up, particularly inspired by the 90’s era, and the rising star continues to live out her dreams on the daily.

Growing up, a young Thuy fondly remembers watching and listening to the likes of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera… which eventually led to her own dreams of being a pop star.

Trading her previous pursuit to be a doctor in the medical field, Thuy hopes her own journey will inspire the masses to also go after their wildest dreams, no matter how high the stakes are. Her breakout moment arrived with the release of “Hands On Me,” which won her home radio station KMEL 106.1’s Home Turf contest and sparked the buzz and attention needed to get her name out there.

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