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This Awkward Silance


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“This is everything that we have ever wanted out of a band,” says Jeff Jones, lead guitarist of the five-piece alternative rock group This Awkward Silence. You can see exactly what he means if you ever catch these Cleveland, Ohio natives together in any setting. Young America’s national touring band This Awkward Silence is full of energy and fun; while also harnessing a very serious, emotional, and dedicated side to their craft. “…bands are often guilty of wearing their influences on their sleeve, This Awkward Silence succeeds in tipping its hat to its idols while remaining firmly focused on its own future (and finding its own answers),” writes John Benson of the Cleveland Plain Dealer Newspaper. The band has a unique sound by taking its modern alternative/hard rock influences and adding flavors of their earlier rock, soul, and r&b roots into the mix; you can hear this by paying attention to the gritty guitars/solos and melodic vocal lines.

With the release of their newest CD, Secrets of Dreaming for Answers, on June 12th, 2007, This Awkward Silence has progressed with great leaps and bounds over a relatively short period of time. The self-released CD was recorded in their own personal studio and produced in it’s entirety by the band members without any external help. The new album takes you through their share of feelings on hope, changes, relationship struggles, life questions, and more. Secrets of Dreaming for Answers is a great representation of exactly what This Awkward Silence was going through while writing the album, the struggle to find personal definition; and in the process, defining them. Touring and media attention have all been a part of their success with the release. They have been on national tours around the United States, and have received radio and performing TV air-time with their first single “Run Away, Runaway.” Brandon-Marshall Edmond, the band’s Lead Vocalist sings on this song, “Run Away love with the glass heart…let me in, let me win a chance to sweep you off of your feet again,” releasing his feelings for a particular relationship situation. “The song is about giving your one hundred percent to someone and then not receiving their one hundred percent back in return,” explains Brandon-Marshall. “This relates to anyone for anyone whether it is friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, co-workers, etc.”

Over the three years that This Awkward Silence has been in the works, the band members have come to terms with accepting who they are and loving their own individual personalities. With an amazing, energetic live show and the heart and passion to make real music with true meaning; the group is here to connect, discover, and have a ton of fun with their fans. A lot is in store for This Awkward Silence and they have a whole career that is just beginning to really unfold in the music/entertainment industry.

Brandon-Marshall Edmond – Lead Vocals
Jeff Jones – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Brandon Chapman – Rhythm Guitar
George Mitchell – Bass
Matt Kruger – Drums


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