The Virgineers


Hello everybody, we are The Virgineers. We play Rock and Roll music among other things in Los Angeles. We started as a small project created by Danny Celentano with the intention of playing a one time show in the summer of 2006. Since then many changes have occured personally, musically, etc. We all love different styles of music, and hope to continue loving different styles of music until we are all dead. One day. If we die. If not then we are lucky.

Currently we have halted the majority of our live performing, coming to the realization that we need to record our first full-length album. We are doing so, and it is coming along swimmingly indeed. As the summer rolls on we should have a finished piece of music printed on CD and hopefully vinyl for all you cool cats out there. Also beautiful T-shirts, buttons, posters and other Virgineer nick-nacks shall be produced for your fanatical pleasure. The album will be called "Blue Star Line." and will feature Virgineer classics like "Wandering Eyes" "Chug-a-Chug Blues", and "Let it Burn" along with new gems such as "Springfield," "Downstairs," and other secrets yet to be revealed, or written for that matter. Thank You Lovers!


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