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One of the most multi-talented artists of our time, Frankie Moreno is an explosive performer who has commanded audiences all across the country with his high-energy music. His songs are brilliantly crafted and his playing is virtuoso.

Born in the small beach town of Santa Cruz, California, Moreno first came to the attention of American audiences with a television appearance on the nation-wide talent contest “Star Search” in 1989. For over a decade, Frankie watched his popularity escalate around the country, even as he chose to remain unsigned from any major record labels.

Moreno’s success has afforded him total creative control in his music. He has established his own record label, Bermuda Records, and is able to release his recordings his way. Each of his previous world wide selling albums have been different, never painting the same picture twice.

Frankie’s album "29 Royal Street", a sort of retro throw back to the 60’s, was distributed throughout Europe, which eventually led to radio stations all over playing their favorite Frankie songs. "Blue Paper, Blue Ink” and “Fallin’ In Love” were in steady rotation on many European pop and country stations.

"Thirteen" is a deep groove collection of songs showing the intense musicianship between Frankie and his band. “I like to keep changing the styles of my albums to keep it interesting to myself. I love all styles of music and would hate to be stuck to just one. Nothing’s more boring than playing the same type of thing twice,” Moreno says. That outlook has given Frankie a following of all ages.

His tour schedule is becoming more frequent by the day and his fan base practically doubles every month.
When dates for Frankie Moreno’s anxiously awaited shows are announced, each of the venues sell extremely well. He has performed in front of hundreds of thousands of people all across the country. With the release of Moreno’s album RAW, he chose to strip down the production process and create a total acoustic collection of songs. “There are no electric instruments or studio enhancements used on this album. I wanted to make a record that when you sit in front of your speakers it’s like we’re right there in the room with you,” he says. “Technology is amazing these days with what can be done in a recording studio but unfortunately that’s led to the neglect of a good song performed well. I wanted to make this album show us in a simpler setting, more down home, more raw.”

Frankie Moreno is a singing, songwriting and piano playing sensation. He gives his performance a life and energy that is his alone. He is unquestionably a unique artist and an all around talent who puts his heart and soul into his music. Frankie’s presence and charisma are indescribable. When he takes the stage, the audience is overcome with excitement. There has never been an artist quite like him.


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