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Jay & Jawnee birthed That Noise in the Byzantine Latino Quarter deep in the heart of Los Angeles in 2007. Jay started composing original songs under the name Appogee. This collection of songs soon came to be known as Unconscious Ruckus. Kanpai Records soon picked up the album and released it Spring 2005. It was at this point Jay hooked up with Jawnee Burx. The duo played consistently throughout Southern California, CMJ, and SXSW as well as tour the US. Soon early demos of the new album caught the ear of producer Sylvia Massey (Tool, System Of A Down, Johnny Cash).

The album encompasses many topics, such as the state of media and pop culture and its constant bombardment of telling us that the way we are is not enough, consume more, and feel better. Everyone on this earth has a feeling of urgency as to the 'State of Affairs' of our planet and our future and there are 'No Words' to describe this collective consciousness that transcends all race and creed. This album 'The Way We Are' addresses these primal emotions through song. That Noise is born and we are...
'The Way We Are'.


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