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Team Jaguar is the collective effort of two of Tallahassee's hardest working functional alcoholics and house party DJs - DJ Mannes and Steve Lurkel.

Since teaming up, Team Jaguar have been residents and hosts of several successful nights in Tallahassee; most recently, "Menace Beach" @ The Engine Room - Tallahassee's Largest Indie Dance Party.

Due to the success of their nights, Team Jaguar have had the pleasure playing with some of the nation's biggest DJ/EDM acts and have toured across Florida as well as the eastern United States. They look forward to upcoming tours, festivals and other events awaiting them in the near future.

Team Jaguar is also the guiding force behind one of today's leading music mp3 blogs, Penned Madness - - and its offshoot promotional record label - Penned Madness Productions.

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