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In September 2007, when Tara Danielle Brooks, put her first needle on her record, she had no idea nor expectation, that her passion for music would soon become her life-long career.  She learned to spin records using her naturally talented ear for music. Through this new route, she escaped into the sounds that helped her discover a new meaning to life.

'“I'll never forget losing myself for hours in our local record store, flipping through endless records in search for the perfect sounds and base,” Tara says. “I remember getting  so deeply involved in the tracks that time felt nonexistent."

Experiencing endless, priceless nights at clubs, parties, & festivals in Southern California, Tara discovered the power to be moved & touched by electronic dance music causing pure enlightenment. She’s a self-taught deejay who found her destiny was to express her creativity through music. She was born on May 26, 1982 in Studio City, Ca. Her love for music was cultivated at an early age. Being raised by a father who played guitar, a mother who sang, played piano, and harp, she was destined to utilize music in a unique career. Tara grew up knowing she was here to do something creative that would touch the world.  At the age of 10, she performed her first acting role in the movie Frozen Assets with actress Shelly Long. However, when graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in communication from San Diego State University, she did not predict that she would discover this special path meant for her.

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