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System of Survival


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If unassuming isn't one of the adjectives that usually springsto mind when thinking of
prolific and talented DJ producers, then more's the pity really.

Not just your average DJ duo, System of Survival are Pietro 'Bingo' De Lisi andAlex
Carpentieri, affectionately known on the island of Ibiza as Bingo & Alex,and very
affectionately is generally how they are best known.

Residing primarily at DC10, the pair have been residents for Circo Loco sincethe party
first began, Antonio knew of them and their productions back in his home townSalerno in
Italy and brought them to Ibiza when it all kicked off. After countless yearsof commuting
for the summer months they finally relocated to Ibiza full-time in 2008,coincidentally the
same year that either of them finally ventured into any other club in Ibizabeside DC10!
“the people, music and vibe at DC10 is like no place on earth. Doesn't matterabout any
other club on the island for us, there is nowhere else as cutting edge orexperimental as
Circo Loco. The Djs and artists that are part of this family, are genuinelypassionate about
the music we all play, and the crowd actually appreciate the soundsthere...last summer
we had the privilege to play for 3 hours peak time on the terrace and to beable to play any
style or genre and to know that the crowd would understand and follow us, thisis
something very special. “

Living, working, producing and playing together the pair have a rare andinstinctive
relationship formed over 20 years of partnership. A mix session isn't divided into a simple
one on/one off formula; in the same way that their productions deliver such awarm,
cohesive and well-rounded sound, behind the decks as in the studio, this is acase of 2
halves easily making up the whole.

True aficionados, the boys, between them, boast a remarkable knowledge and back
catalogue of music, across styles and genres, defining their solid, smooth andthoroughly
dependable sound. Say's Alex, “Our productions never really fit to oneparticular style or
type, Bingo has a soul and funk background whereas mine is more Detroit orChicago
techno-inspired so our studio time is a real blend of the different styles, Ithink that our
releases, the same as when we play, become a real mix of these styles, makingsomething
different completely, something new.”

A System of Survival set, like the boys themselves, doesn't care if a record isnew or old, in
fashion or not, music is music and the best will always out. Partly the reasonthat they
consistently continue to blow the roof off so many clubs worldwide, stillwithout ever
blowing their own trumpets.
The label IANUS71, was launched in 2008 as an in-house 12” music factory tosupport
some of the talent they had been meeting along their journey. Releases fromAutre,
DosLive & AeN have accompanied some off their own, with Outart's latestrelease,
SunSplash being recently picked up by fellow DC10-er Matthias Tanzmann'sMoonHarbour

System's own productions have found homes with Freak'n'Chic, Tenax and BlauMotif to
name a few, as well as being picked up for compilations such as Moon Harbour'sCirco
Loco Anniversary CD or both LocoDice and Marco Carola's “TimeWarp Series.