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Synoid is a metal infused dubstep duo comprised of Alexander Alonso and Joel Garcia. Having found their true potential to deploy unforgiving basslines whilst withholding a crisp sound, they have set their targets high and will not stop until they are on top. Together the duo have descended into the Circles of Hell to slay the Reaper named “Death” and have taken his place as the Taker of Souls. Being expert assassins within the bass music industry they have risen from the depths to bestow upon the world the sounds of ultimate destruction.

Synoid was founded in early March of 2014 to explore the boundaries of unknown dimensions and haunting worlds. Although Joel and Alex are influenced by a wide spectrum of genres, their music always seems to get one point across: Death. Soon to be playing shows and expanding the horizons for people in all types of genres, you can expect nothing less from Synoid but pure destruction. With their release of their [PRESS START] EP on Multikill, they plan to send a message to the scene that they are nothing but serious. Being the new kids on the block isn’t easy but they have slowly been rising to something big that was unexpected and getting there fast.

Synoid is definitely a force to be reckoned with as they plan to invade the lives of every person until all souls on this planet are captured. Prepare yourselves my friends, for the world has yet to experience the power of the Synoid sound...