Superficial Saints


Superficial Saints is a band all about the fans, reaching for deeper connections between musician and the masses, cultivating a sound that hearkens back to the glory days of rock and roll. Their latest EP, produced by Erik Ron, will demonstrate a return to a time when great music and radio-friendly tunes were not mutually exclusive.

Hitting wide on multiple online music venues for free download, "For You" foregrounds the group's diverse and mature songwriting skills, wrapping strong vocals and finely tuned guitar sounds around solid keys and thundering percussion. Superficial Saints came together from lead singer/guitarist Chris Poulson (formerly of 'Rock Kills Kid'). After many months seeking the perfect members to complete the line-up. Chris found the talented members that would put a wrap on his search. Which include, Nik Lawhorn on (lead guitar), Ryan Demaree on (piano), Jay Tag on (bass) and Jeff Miklaszewski on (drums). In the best rock and roll tradition, this band lives for the stage.

Their shows are filled with non-stop energy and vocal harmonies that appeal to music lovers of all ages, providing the kind of living, breathing, and rocking experience worthy of a paying crowd. In 2008, prepare to get deep with the Superficial Saints.


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