Established in 2005. Day One: It was a winter Monday, I had come down from New York for a meeting with a publisher and then went to see my longtime friend Matt Messina. Matt told me he wrote a song and wanted to play it for me. He put the tattered piece of loosleaf paper with lyrics that had been written with 3 different types of pens at his feet as he sat in a small throne like wooden chair with his guitar, an off brand acoustic, and played "Gangster" After the three minute song was over I felt as though I had taken a journey riding shotgun into the heart of the vibe, that makes up the South Beach hustle.

Streetkind is a collective perspective of truth. Coming out of Miami Beach from the inside out, a new sound that has the undertones that resonate the way music does when we first become inspired by it. The first album "Sound of my life" produced by grammy winning producer Ron St. Germain will be out in April. The band with Fernndo Perdomo on Guitar, Roberto Castillo on Bass and Sam Levine on Drums can deliver a musical punch that will leave an invaluable mark of insight for a long time to come. Streetkind is launching a national tour that will hit 20 states starting by opening for TI and Sean Paul at the Miami American Airlines Arena and ending on the homefield of Miami as well.


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