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Still Woozy’s fans have good taste. Not only have they rightfully fallen for the psychedelic bedroom-pop gems that Sven Gamsky has been dropping since 2017, they also requested in a recent Instagram poll that the Bay Area artist cover Tame Impala as a special lockdown treat. Gamsky’s comfortably laidback reinvention of ‘The Less I Know The Better’ has racked up over 540,000 views to date, and contains hallmarks of the Still Woozy formula of electronic influences with acoustic elements that worked wonders on Gamsky’s break-out solo bangers ‘Goodie Bag’ and ‘Habit’.

Gamsky is evidently keen to pay tribute to his musical heroes, with his latest single ‘Window’ ambitiously sampling the vocals of Marvin Gaye in a bid to create an era-blending jam in the vein of Kanye West’s ‘Gold Digger’. NME called Gamsky at home in Portland — where his lockdown life is consisting of making music in his home studio and “hanging out with my girlfriend and my dog” — to get the lowdown on his Gaye sample, his math-rock roots and his sincere hope that Kevin Parker will like his cover.

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