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Working his way up the ranks in the United States club circuit, Steve Powers has become one of the nations most in demand DJ’s and dance music personas. With great success, Steve has crafted his own sound as a producer, which has now made him even more of force to be reckoned with. His skill set is attracting interest from all over the world, and upon your first listen you will quickly understand why. Combining this with his unmistakable energy in his live DJ sets makes him one of the thoroughbreds in the music scene.

Residing in New York City has made it easy for Steve to find musical influences. He credits most of his success from spending countless hours in the studio and a strong work ethic. In doing so, his club anthem “Crash”, quickly made it into his peers sets across the globe. Soon after he released his remix of Christina Aguilera’s chart topper “Your Body”, which also shook the foundation of nightclubs worldwide.His goal with his music is to consistently release tracks that his fans will love, and also portray his style of production in each track he makes.

As much as Steve’s passion and hard work is aimed in the studio, he knows where his roots came from. Steve has been a pioneer in the DJ scene for quite some time now. Playing at iconic nightclubs across the U.S. is just a regular occurrence and has been for a while for Steve. Not to mention landing a major residency in 2013 at LIGHT Las Vegas alongside many of the world’s best like Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Skrillex, and Zedd, just to name a few.

He also is maintaining his residency in New York at LAVO NYC, in which he as earned somewhat of a legendary status for being a part of some of the greatest parties that city has ever seen.With his tour schedule filling up, Steve still is trying to find the time to come out with his first solo album by the end of the year. Testing his tracks on the road is something that his true fans are anticipating and also leaving rave reviews demanding for more. With the rise in electronic music coming so quickly, it’s easy to see why many have latched on to Steve Powers and are eager to see where his music will go from here. One thing is for sure; there is no end in sight for this musical journey, so come along for the ride.

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