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Steve Duda is known for his creative composition and technical efficiency. In the creation of BSOD, with dear friend and co-producer Deadmau5, their sound has received critical acclaim and has been featured on Pete Tong’s RadioOne show as well as many top International Dj’s set lists. With nearly three decades of production under his belt and working with renowned artists such as Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie, Sugar Ray, A Perfect Circle, Tommy Lee, as well as many others, he has been able to put together an act of his own. Duda performs in a live manner with such devices as the Lemur and Monome integrated with custom built software to give a unique and inspiring show.  On stage, Duda plays mostly his own music, including BSOD titles, which he sequences on the fly, while writing and manipulating drum loops in real time.  Duda’s 2010 performances will give way to a spectacular show, with custom visuals, that will reset electronic musician’s principles!

At age 36, Steve Duda has found himself a sought-after producer/programmer/engineer for renowned artists such as Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, Rob Zombie, and Tommy Lee among others. These major artists have reverence for Duda due to his unique ability to blend considerable natural talent, with bonafide technical expertise and his practical creativity into production along side his programming and sound design collaborations.

Duda discovered and began honing his natural musical talents as a youth. During his early classical training on the violin and piano, Duda revealed an uncanny ability to play back even the most complicated songs based on what he heard in only one listen. While pursuing a degree in music composition at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Duda demonstrated that he had perfect pitch and could transcribe intricate chorales and performances into musical notation with almost supernatural ease.

It was also during his time at UCSC (which is renowned for its exceptional electronic-music program) that Duda refined his approach to high technology for use in music creation and production. His solid skills landed him a job with Palo Alto, California based Digidesign’s technical support team shortly after graduation.

At Digidesign, Duda quickly became an expert support technician for ProTools, the software and hardware system that most major studios recognize as the industry standard for mixing and sound design. Duda began making important industry contacts during this period and artists who had grown accustomed to his excellent technical advice, began requesting his presence as a ProTools operator. In 1997, Duda left Digidesign to provide Nine Inch Nails with his programming, sound design and ProTools proficiency on the 1999 Interscope/Nothing Records Release, “The Fragile”. After two years with the Nothing Collective in New Orleans, Duda moved to Los Angeles to work on albums for numerous other artists such as Tommy Lee’s Methods of Mayhem, Rob Zombie, Powerman 5000, A Perfect Circle, Sugar Ray, MXPX and has collaborated with producers and engineers as notable as Alan Moulder, Dave Jerden, Scott Humphrey, John Travis, and Josh Abraham.

Duda has also been the mastermind behind several award-winning music software titles. Most successful is the BFD Virtual Acoustic Drum Module. He is also half of the independent international software development team known as Devine-Machine, whom together have created numerous award winning virtual instruments (Devine-Machine, Lucifer, GURU).

In 2005, Duda formed the electro group BSOD with a talented producer/programmer known as Deadmau5. The two have received critical acclaim and plays from top international DJ’s including some plays on Pete Tong’s RadioOne show. BSOD have also been commissioned to remix songs for several artists, including Christina Aguilera’s single ‘Hurt’, which can be found on her ‘Hurt Remixes’ releases.

Now at the precipice of his production and songwriter career, Duda finds himself a master of practical dichotomies. He has perfected a balance of creative composition and technical efficiency. He has truly melded diverse abilities into a prosperous career and will continue to prove himself as an innovator and guru of musical creation, production, and evolution.


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