Steve Candela


Behind the decks, Steve Candela projects the image of an artist rock solid.

His relationship with music began at the age of 16 years and is a true love story. First guitarist with his mother, Steve Candela eyeing a priori and based alternative rock group Frost Bite, with whom he signed Consuming Ferocity album in December 1998. This experience would give wings to forge his experience in many musical styles, until one day he will discover the ultimate music Techno, rave Gloom during 2000, the illustrious Ray Junior.

Venezuelan origin is struck by a massive lightning and began learning the workings of DJing, hub of a musical journey that will develop into passionate love between a DJ and his turntables. Steeve Tueros then gives birth to "Candela", which is one of the seven base units of the international system for measuring the brightness perceived by the human eye from a light source.

After several months of development in small clubs in the province of Quebec, Steve Candela shines in his first rave in 2001, when he was invited to DJ Divine Forest. This is the public's turn to be hit by a stroke of lightning. The warmth of his music, his legacy of Latin origins and his musical career, make him an artist quickly in high demand across the province of Quebec: Living Nightclub, Terrasses Bonsecours, Muzique, Time Coffee, Grappa Lounge, 737 Theatro Montreal Complexe Sky Juice and Copacabana Dance Club in Montreal, St-Jaques Butte and The Futurist (Laval), Empire (Drummondville) and Dagobert (Quebec), as well as events Space (Victoriaville) Casper 2 and Boom (Trois-Rivières) vibrate with warm and sensual rhythms of Steve Candela.

Lovers endless night will not remain when the artist decks offer his music in Afterhours as popular as Cube (Quebec), and Level Red Lite (Laval), AND the mp3 Line-Up ( Drummondville) Exodus Afterhours and Blue-Light (Sherbrooke), without forgetting the Circus Afterhours in the metropolis.

His meeting with Dave Beaulieu Unik Productions in 2011, will be the most critical. The two men unite their talents and revolutionize the industry as Quebec Nightlife known in recent years. The first events Freak House, Unik Nights, The End of the Mayan World, The Night of a Thousand Nights and Zoo House will be very successful and will give rise to a series of projects over Unik each other: "Dave is a perfectionist person and very demanding and helps me excel musically and in some areas of my career. '

A decade to turn his music to thousands of fans and the orchestration of many events will give him confidence and the urge to add another string to his bow and cause the spark of creation. More mature than ever, so the producer settles in his studio where he spent countless hours concocting his own style to show us the music of tomorrow. Here ready to hear it all over the world in 2012, showing a surprising musical versatility.

Among his wildest dreams, Steve Candela plans to heat the dance floors of South America and Europe. This is only the beginning.


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