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Next in line to board Avicii’s talent focused label PRMD is the young American producer Spencer Brown (born Spencer Bruno). He has potential to change the spectra of his genre with a unique sound highly appreciated by his ever-growing audience.

Born and raised in the US, Spencer has had music blasting in his head uncontrollably for as long as he can remember. After focusing on drumming alongside various other instruments, Spencer found production as the perfect outlet for his permanent creativeness. Before finding his true element, Spencer experimented in the hip-hop genre that converted into a more dubstep-like sound after being inspired by attending small, local Dallas dubstep shows. Producing with cheap headphones and a laptop under the alias “Spenca,” Spencer found that his extensive drumming and songwriting background catalysed his electronic music productions. By age 17, his idols such as Rusko, Bassnectar, Kill The Noise, and Datsik supported his tracks. Datsik even featured some of Spencer’s collaborations with AFK on his label Firepower.

While releasing dubstep, Spencer developed a secret fascination for house music. Spencer’s first house release, a bootleg of “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder, caught the eye of manager/visionary Ash Pournouri who brought Avicii to his superstar level. Since then Spencer and Ash have been working together in order to produce music in a style that the scene seems to be lacking—an epic, progressive, mesmerizing sound that retains high energy. At first hesitant to leave the popular sound of bigroom house music, Spencer had a lifechanging epiphany during Eric Prydz’s Dallas performance in 2012. At this time, Spencer and Ash now both agreed to resist the oversaturated sounds found on Beatport Top 10 and to create something never heard before in the industry.

The first release from Spencer Brown will be his “Echoes” remix for PRMD. He has also already finished 3 full EPs to be released in early 2014.

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