Special Case


Special Case is a trio from Russia feat. Arram Mantana,Tripmastaz and Roustam — accomplished producers and djs with 1326 years ofcombined experience in plowing. Like all the great collectives before them(Droog, Justice League, The Police) this one came together to create awesomemusic and to fight the forces of evil around the world. The trio is made up of Arram Mantana,Tripmastaz and Roustam — three different creative individuals whose tastesrange from abstract minimal to classic house, that share a common vision andhave their own distinct take on modern electronic music.

Arram Mantana is an established house music dj in Russia and has becomea very respected artist of his generation. Hailing from St.Petersburg — the cultural capital of the country, he hasbeen making Russians dance for over 15 years. Recent releases on Cecille and BeAs One are further cementing his status as one of Russia's true house musicgreats and a great selector that seamlessly fuses various genres.

Tripmastaz is an accomplished producer and a highly in-demand musician and dj.His impeccable series of releases in the last few years include records ontop-tier labels such as Real Tone, Be As One, Cecille and his own Plant 74. Hehas also become a staple of Dj Sneak's Magnetic Records — with his laеtest release "Roll Dat"being remixed by Loco Dice. Almost single-handedly he has been making Russiadecidedly more funky over the last 10 years

Roustam rounds out the trio as a forward thinking and talented dj and promoterin Russia. He was raised on a steady diet of classic US House and techno in theMidwest and spends his time between Detroit and Moscow. In his native city Roustamhas promoted events and performed with the who is who of cutting edge dancemusic. He has become known for comfortably fitting in as a back 2 back partnerwith many of his guests such as Matt Tolfrey, Droog, Clive Henry, ValentinoKanzyani, Seuil and the notoriously meticulous Romanians Petre Inspirescu andPraslea. These extended sets have showcased Roustam's fluid and original style.

All together these three make quite an uncanny trio full of eclectic tastes.They first came together, like Voltron, to create their debut release forCulprit and were remixed by such established and different artists as RobertJames and Petre Inspirescu. For such a young group this was a confirmation thatsomething special is brewing. Special Case is already working on taking overthe planet with engaging live performances and dedicated studio work.


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